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thread.h File Reference
#include "config.h"
#include "error.h"

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#define AVMutex   char
#define AVCond   char
#define AVOnce   char
#define AV_ONCE_INIT   0


static int ff_mutex_init (AVMutex *mutex, const void *attr)
static int ff_mutex_lock (AVMutex *mutex)
static int ff_mutex_unlock (AVMutex *mutex)
static int ff_mutex_destroy (AVMutex *mutex)
static int ff_cond_init (AVCond *cond, const void *attr)
static int ff_cond_destroy (AVCond *cond)
static int ff_cond_signal (AVCond *cond)
static int ff_cond_broadcast (AVCond *cond)
static int ff_cond_wait (AVCond *cond, AVMutex *mutex)
static int ff_cond_timedwait (AVCond *cond, AVMutex *mutex, const void *abstime)
static int ff_thread_once (char *control, void(*routine)(void))
static int ff_thread_setname (const char *name)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ AVMutex

#define AVMutex   char

Definition at line 184 of file thread.h.



Definition at line 185 of file thread.h.

◆ AVCond

#define AVCond   char

Definition at line 192 of file thread.h.

◆ AVOnce

#define AVOnce   char

Definition at line 202 of file thread.h.


#define AV_ONCE_INIT   0

Definition at line 203 of file thread.h.

Function Documentation

◆ ff_mutex_init()

static int ff_mutex_init ( AVMutex mutex,
const void *  attr 

◆ ff_mutex_lock()

static int ff_mutex_lock ( AVMutex mutex)

◆ ff_mutex_unlock()

static int ff_mutex_unlock ( AVMutex mutex)

◆ ff_mutex_destroy()

static int ff_mutex_destroy ( AVMutex mutex)

◆ ff_cond_init()

static int ff_cond_init ( AVCond cond,
const void *  attr 

Definition at line 194 of file thread.h.

Referenced by alloc_progress(), av_executor_alloc(), and ff_vvc_frame_thread_init().

◆ ff_cond_destroy()

static int ff_cond_destroy ( AVCond cond)

◆ ff_cond_signal()

static int ff_cond_signal ( AVCond cond)

Definition at line 196 of file thread.h.

Referenced by av_executor_execute(), ff_vvc_report_progress(), and sheduled_done().

◆ ff_cond_broadcast()

static int ff_cond_broadcast ( AVCond cond)

Definition at line 197 of file thread.h.

Referenced by executor_free(), and ff_thread_progress_report().

◆ ff_cond_wait()

static int ff_cond_wait ( AVCond cond,
AVMutex mutex 

Definition at line 198 of file thread.h.

Referenced by ff_thread_progress_await(), and ff_vvc_frame_wait().

◆ ff_cond_timedwait()

static int ff_cond_timedwait ( AVCond cond,
AVMutex mutex,
const void *  abstime 

Definition at line 199 of file thread.h.

◆ ff_thread_once()

static int ff_thread_once ( char *  control,
void(*)(void)  routine 

Definition at line 205 of file thread.h.

Referenced by ac3_decode_init(), atrac3_decode_init(), atrac3p_decode_init(), atrac9_decode_init(), av_codec_iterate(), clv_decode_init(), cook_decode_init(), d3d11va_device_create(), dcadec_init(), decode_init(), dirac_decode_init(), dolby_e_init(), dvbsub_init_decoder(), dvvideo_decode_init(), dvvideo_encode_init(), eac3_encode_init(), encode_init(), ff_aac_decode_init_fixed(), ff_aac_decode_init_float(), ff_aacdec_common_init_once(), ff_ac3_encode_init(), ff_atrac_generate_tables(), ff_ccitt_unpack_init(), ff_ebur128_init(), ff_h261_encode_init(), ff_h263_decode_init_vlc(), ff_h263_encode_init(), ff_h263_init_rl_inter(), ff_init_dsd_data(), ff_init_ff_sine_windows(), ff_intrax8_common_init(), ff_ivi_init_static_vlc(), ff_jpeg2000_init_tier1_luts(), ff_kperf_init(), ff_mlp_init_crc(), ff_mpa_synth_init_TMPL(), ff_mpadsp_init(), ff_mpeg12_init_vlcs(), ff_mpeg4_init_rl_intra(), ff_mpegaudiodec_common_init_static(), ff_msmp4_vc1_vlcs_init_once(), ff_msmpeg4_common_init(), ff_msmpeg4_decode_init(), ff_msmpeg4_encode_init(), ff_rv34_decode_init(), ff_snow_common_init(), ff_speedhq_encode_init(), ff_tx_init_tabs(), ff_vc1_init_common(), h261_decode_init(), h264_decode_init(), hq_hqa_decode_init(), imc_decode_init(), ir2_decode_init(), j2kenc_init(), lag_decode_init(), lead_decode_init(), mimic_decode_init(), mlp_decode_init(), mlp_encode_init(), mobiclip_init(), mp_decode_init(), mpc7_decode_init(), mpc8_decode_init(), mpv_encode_defaults(), mss4_decode_init(), qdm2_decode_init(), qdmc_decode_init(), rv10_decode_init(), rv40_decode_init(), speedhq_decode_init(), svq1_decode_init(), sws_init_context(), tscc2_decode_init(), vp3_decode_init(), vqc_decode_init(), vvc_decode_init(), and wmavoice_decode_init().

◆ ff_thread_setname()

static int ff_thread_setname ( const char *  name)