jpeg2000htdec.h File Reference
#include "jpeg2000dec.h"

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int ff_jpeg2000_decode_htj2k (const Jpeg2000DecoderContext *s, Jpeg2000CodingStyle *codsty, Jpeg2000T1Context *t1, Jpeg2000Cblk *cblk, int width, int height, int magp, uint8_t roi_shift)
 HT Block decoder as specified in Rec. More...

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int ff_jpeg2000_decode_htj2k ( const Jpeg2000DecoderContext s,
Jpeg2000CodingStyle codsty,
Jpeg2000T1Context t1,
Jpeg2000Cblk cblk,
int  width,
int  height,
int  magp,
uint8_t  roi_shift 

HT Block decoder as specified in Rec.

ITU-T T.814 | ISO/IEC 15444-15

Definition at line 1160 of file jpeg2000htdec.c.

Referenced by tile_codeblocks().