Data Fields
FrameData Struct Reference

#include <ffmpeg.h>

Data Fields

int64_t dts_est
struct {
   uint64_t   frame_num
   int64_t   pts
   AVRational   tb
AVRational frame_rate_filter
int bits_per_raw_sample
int64_t wallclock [LATENCY_PROBE_NB]
int64_t pkt_pos
int pkt_size
int64_t duration
void * frame_opaque

Detailed Description

Definition at line 642 of file ffmpeg.h.

Field Documentation

◆ dts_est

int64_t FrameData::dts_est

Definition at line 645 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by ist_dts_update(), and of_streamcopy().

◆ frame_num

uint64_t FrameData::frame_num

Definition at line 649 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by enc_stats_write(), and packet_decode().

◆ pts

int64_t FrameData::pts

◆ tb

AVRational FrameData::tb

Definition at line 652 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by choose_out_timebase(), enc_stats_write(), and packet_decode().

◆ dec

struct { ... } FrameData::dec

◆ frame_rate_filter

AVRational FrameData::frame_rate_filter

Definition at line 655 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by close_output(), enc_open(), and fg_output_step().

◆ bits_per_raw_sample

int FrameData::bits_per_raw_sample

Definition at line 657 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by enc_open(), fg_output_step(), and packet_decode().

◆ wallclock

int64_t FrameData::wallclock[LATENCY_PROBE_NB]

◆ par_enc

AVCodecParameters* FrameData::par_enc

Definition at line 661 of file ffmpeg.h.

Referenced by dec_standalone_open(), encode_frame(), frame_data_ensure(), and frame_data_free().

◆ pkt_pos

int64_t FrameData::pkt_pos

◆ pkt_size

int FrameData::pkt_size

Definition at line 88 of file ffprobe.c.

Referenced by read_interval_packets(), and show_frame().

◆ duration

int64_t FrameData::duration

◆ frame_opaque

void * FrameData::frame_opaque

◆ frame_opaque_ref

AVBufferRef * FrameData::frame_opaque_ref

◆ hdr10_plus

AVBufferRef* FrameData::hdr10_plus

Definition at line 77 of file libvpxenc.c.

Referenced by frame_data_apply(), frame_data_submit(), and frame_data_uninit().

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