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bprint.h File Reference
#include <stdarg.h>
#include "attributes.h"
#include "avstring.h"

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#define FF_PAD_STRUCTURE(name, size, ...)
 Define a structure with extra padding to a fixed size This helps ensuring binary compatibility with future versions. More...
#define AV_BPRINT_SIZE_UNLIMITED   ((unsigned)-1)


void av_bprint_init_for_buffer (AVBPrint *buf, char *buffer, unsigned size)
 Init a print buffer using a pre-existing buffer. More...
void av_bprintf (AVBPrint *buf, const char *fmt,...) av_printf_format(2
 Append a formatted string to a print buffer. More...
void void av_vbprintf (AVBPrint *buf, const char *fmt, va_list vl_arg)
 Append a formatted string to a print buffer. More...
void av_bprint_chars (AVBPrint *buf, char c, unsigned n)
 Append char c n times to a print buffer. More...
void av_bprint_append_data (AVBPrint *buf, const char *data, unsigned size)
 Append data to a print buffer. More...
void av_bprint_strftime (AVBPrint *buf, const char *fmt, const struct tm *tm)
 Append a formatted date and time to a print buffer. More...
void av_bprint_get_buffer (AVBPrint *buf, unsigned size, unsigned char **mem, unsigned *actual_size)
 Allocate bytes in the buffer for external use. More...
void av_bprint_clear (AVBPrint *buf)
 Reset the string to "" but keep internal allocated data. More...
static int av_bprint_is_complete (const AVBPrint *buf)
 Test if the print buffer is complete (not truncated). More...
int av_bprint_finalize (AVBPrint *buf, char **ret_str)
 Finalize a print buffer. More...
void av_bprint_escape (AVBPrint *dstbuf, const char *src, const char *special_chars, enum AVEscapeMode mode, int flags)
 Escape the content in src and append it to dstbuf. More...


unsigned size_init
unsigned unsigned size_max

Detailed Description

AVBPrint public header

Definition in file bprint.h.

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#define AV_BPRINT_SIZE_UNLIMITED   ((unsigned)-1)