Data Fields
VAAPIVPPContext Struct Reference

#include <vaapi_vpp.h>

Data Fields

const AVClassclass
int valid_ids
VAConfigID va_config
VAContextID va_context
VARectangle input_region
enum AVPixelFormat output_format
int output_width
int output_height
VABufferID filter_buffers [VAProcFilterCount]
int nb_filter_buffers
int passthrough
int(* build_filter_params )(AVFilterContext *avctx)
void(* pipeline_uninit )(AVFilterContext *avctx)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file vaapi_vpp.h.

Field Documentation

◆ class

const AVClass* VAAPIVPPContext::class

Definition at line 39 of file vaapi_vpp.h.

◆ hwctx

AVVAAPIDeviceContext* VAAPIVPPContext::hwctx

◆ device_ref

AVBufferRef* VAAPIVPPContext::device_ref

Definition at line 42 of file vaapi_vpp.h.

Referenced by drawbox_vaapi_config_output().

◆ valid_ids

int VAAPIVPPContext::valid_ids

Definition at line 44 of file vaapi_vpp.h.

◆ va_config

VAConfigID VAAPIVPPContext::va_config

Definition at line 45 of file vaapi_vpp.h.

◆ va_context

VAContextID VAAPIVPPContext::va_context

◆ input_frames_ref

AVBufferRef* VAAPIVPPContext::input_frames_ref

Definition at line 48 of file vaapi_vpp.h.

◆ input_frames

AVHWFramesContext* VAAPIVPPContext::input_frames

Definition at line 49 of file vaapi_vpp.h.

Referenced by drawbox_vaapi_config_output(), and scale_vaapi_config_output().

◆ input_region

VARectangle VAAPIVPPContext::input_region

Definition at line 50 of file vaapi_vpp.h.

◆ output_format

enum AVPixelFormat VAAPIVPPContext::output_format

◆ output_width

int VAAPIVPPContext::output_width

◆ output_height

int VAAPIVPPContext::output_height

◆ filter_buffers

VABufferID VAAPIVPPContext::filter_buffers[VAProcFilterCount]

◆ nb_filter_buffers

int VAAPIVPPContext::nb_filter_buffers

Definition at line 57 of file vaapi_vpp.h.

Referenced by misc_vaapi_filter_frame(), and tonemap_vaapi_filter_frame().

◆ passthrough

int VAAPIVPPContext::passthrough

◆ build_filter_params

int(* VAAPIVPPContext::build_filter_params) (AVFilterContext *avctx)

◆ pipeline_uninit

void(* VAAPIVPPContext::pipeline_uninit) (AVFilterContext *avctx)

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