Data Fields
SpecifierOpt Struct Reference

#include <cmdutils.h>

Data Fields

char * specifier
 stream/chapter/program/... More...
union {
   uint8_t *   str
   int   i
   int64_t   i64
   uint64_t   ui64
   float   f
   double   dbl

Detailed Description

Definition at line 105 of file cmdutils.h.

Field Documentation

◆ specifier

char* SpecifierOpt::specifier



Definition at line 106 of file cmdutils.h.

Referenced by copy_meta(), ifile_open(), of_add_metadata(), opt_match_per_type_str(), ost_add(), and uninit_options().

◆ str

uint8_t* SpecifierOpt::str

◆ i

int SpecifierOpt::i

Definition at line 109 of file cmdutils.h.

Referenced by ifile_open().

◆ i64

int64_t SpecifierOpt::i64

Definition at line 110 of file cmdutils.h.

◆ ui64

uint64_t SpecifierOpt::ui64

Definition at line 111 of file cmdutils.h.

◆ f

float SpecifierOpt::f

Definition at line 112 of file cmdutils.h.

◆ dbl

double SpecifierOpt::dbl

Definition at line 113 of file cmdutils.h.

◆ u

union { ... } SpecifierOpt::u

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