Data Fields
ProresContext Struct Reference

#include <proresdec.h>

Data Fields

BlockDSPContext bdsp
ProresDSPContext prodsp
int frame_type
 0 = progressive, 1 = tff, 2 = bff More...
uint8_t qmat_luma [64]
uint8_t qmat_chroma [64]
int slice_count
 number of slices in the current picture More...
unsigned mb_width
 width of the current picture in mb More...
unsigned mb_height
 height of the current picture in mb More...
uint8_t progressive_scan [64]
uint8_t interlaced_scan [64]
const uint8_t * scan
int first_field
int alpha_info
void(* unpack_alpha )(GetBitContext *gb, uint16_t *dst, int num_coeffs, const int num_bits)
enum AVPixelFormat pix_fmt
FDCTDSPContext fdsp
uint8_t * fill_y
uint8_t * fill_u
uint8_t * fill_v
uint8_t * fill_a
int qmat_luma [16][64]
int qmat_chroma [16][64]
const uint8_t * scantable
int is_422
int need_alpha
int is_interlaced
char * vendor
int16_t blocks [MAX_PLANES][64 *4 *MAX_MBS_PER_SLICE]
uint16_t emu_buf [16 *16]
int16_t quants [MAX_STORED_Q][64]
int16_t quants_chroma [MAX_STORED_Q][64]
int16_t custom_q [64]
int16_t custom_chroma_q [64]
const uint8_t * quant_mat
const uint8_t * quant_chroma_mat
void(* fdct )(FDCTDSPContext *fdsp, const uint16_t *src, ptrdiff_t linesize, int16_t *block)
const AVFramepic
int mb_width
int mb_height
int mbs_per_slice
int num_chroma_blocks
int chroma_factor
int slices_width
int slices_per_picture
int pictures_per_frame
int cur_picture_idx
int num_planes
int bits_per_mb
int force_quant
int alpha_bits
int warn
int quant_sel
int frame_size_upper_bound
int profile
const struct prores_profileprofile_info

Detailed Description

Definition at line 43 of file proresdec.h.

Field Documentation

◆ bdsp

BlockDSPContext ProresContext::bdsp

Definition at line 44 of file proresdec.h.

◆ prodsp

ProresDSPContext ProresContext::prodsp

Definition at line 45 of file proresdec.h.

◆ frame

AVFrame* ProresContext::frame

Definition at line 46 of file proresdec.h.

◆ frame_type

int ProresContext::frame_type

0 = progressive, 1 = tff, 2 = bff

Definition at line 47 of file proresdec.h.

◆ qmat_luma [1/2]

uint8_t ProresContext::qmat_luma[64]

Definition at line 48 of file proresdec.h.

◆ qmat_chroma [1/2]

uint8_t ProresContext::qmat_chroma[64]

Definition at line 49 of file proresdec.h.

◆ slices

SliceContext* ProresContext::slices

Definition at line 50 of file proresdec.h.

◆ slice_count

int ProresContext::slice_count

number of slices in the current picture

Definition at line 51 of file proresdec.h.

◆ mb_width [1/2]

unsigned ProresContext::mb_width

width of the current picture in mb

Definition at line 52 of file proresdec.h.

◆ mb_height [1/2]

unsigned ProresContext::mb_height

height of the current picture in mb

Definition at line 53 of file proresdec.h.

◆ progressive_scan

uint8_t ProresContext::progressive_scan[64]

Definition at line 54 of file proresdec.h.

◆ interlaced_scan

uint8_t ProresContext::interlaced_scan[64]

Definition at line 55 of file proresdec.h.

◆ scan

const uint8_t* ProresContext::scan

Definition at line 56 of file proresdec.h.

◆ first_field

int ProresContext::first_field

Definition at line 57 of file proresdec.h.

◆ alpha_info

int ProresContext::alpha_info

Definition at line 58 of file proresdec.h.

◆ unpack_alpha

void(* ProresContext::unpack_alpha) (GetBitContext *gb, uint16_t *dst, int num_coeffs, const int num_bits)

Definition at line 59 of file proresdec.h.

◆ pix_fmt

enum AVPixelFormat ProresContext::pix_fmt

Definition at line 60 of file proresdec.h.

◆ class

AVClass * ProresContext::class

Definition at line 183 of file proresenc_anatoliy.c.

◆ fdsp

FDCTDSPContext ProresContext::fdsp

Definition at line 184 of file proresenc_anatoliy.c.

◆ fill_y

uint8_t* ProresContext::fill_y

Definition at line 185 of file proresenc_anatoliy.c.

◆ fill_u

uint8_t* ProresContext::fill_u

Definition at line 186 of file proresenc_anatoliy.c.

◆ fill_v

uint8_t* ProresContext::fill_v

Definition at line 187 of file proresenc_anatoliy.c.

◆ fill_a

uint8_t* ProresContext::fill_a

Definition at line 188 of file proresenc_anatoliy.c.

◆ qmat_luma [2/2]

int ProresContext::qmat_luma[16][64]

Definition at line 190 of file proresenc_anatoliy.c.

◆ qmat_chroma [2/2]

int ProresContext::qmat_chroma[16][64]

Definition at line 191 of file proresenc_anatoliy.c.

◆ scantable

const uint8_t * ProresContext::scantable

Definition at line 192 of file proresenc_anatoliy.c.

◆ is_422

int ProresContext::is_422

Definition at line 194 of file proresenc_anatoliy.c.

◆ need_alpha

int ProresContext::need_alpha

Definition at line 195 of file proresenc_anatoliy.c.

◆ is_interlaced

int ProresContext::is_interlaced

Definition at line 196 of file proresenc_anatoliy.c.

◆ vendor

char * ProresContext::vendor

Definition at line 198 of file proresenc_anatoliy.c.

◆ blocks

int16_t ProresContext::blocks[MAX_PLANES][64 *4 *MAX_MBS_PER_SLICE]

Definition at line 232 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ emu_buf

uint16_t ProresContext::emu_buf[16 *16]

Definition at line 233 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ quants

int16_t ProresContext::quants[MAX_STORED_Q][64]

Definition at line 234 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ quants_chroma

int16_t ProresContext::quants_chroma[MAX_STORED_Q][64]

Definition at line 235 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ custom_q

int16_t ProresContext::custom_q[64]

Definition at line 236 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ custom_chroma_q

int16_t ProresContext::custom_chroma_q[64]

Definition at line 237 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ quant_mat

const uint8_t* ProresContext::quant_mat

Definition at line 238 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ quant_chroma_mat

const uint8_t* ProresContext::quant_chroma_mat

Definition at line 239 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ fdct

void(* ProresContext::fdct) (FDCTDSPContext *fdsp, const uint16_t *src, ptrdiff_t linesize, int16_t *block)

Definition at line 242 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ pic

const AVFrame* ProresContext::pic

Definition at line 246 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ mb_width [2/2]

int ProresContext::mb_width

Definition at line 247 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ mb_height [2/2]

int ProresContext::mb_height

Definition at line 247 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ mbs_per_slice

int ProresContext::mbs_per_slice

Definition at line 248 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ num_chroma_blocks

int ProresContext::num_chroma_blocks

Definition at line 249 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ chroma_factor

int ProresContext::chroma_factor

Definition at line 249 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ slices_width

int ProresContext::slices_width

Definition at line 250 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ slices_per_picture

int ProresContext::slices_per_picture

Definition at line 251 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ pictures_per_frame

int ProresContext::pictures_per_frame

Definition at line 252 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ cur_picture_idx

int ProresContext::cur_picture_idx

Definition at line 253 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ num_planes

int ProresContext::num_planes

Definition at line 254 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ bits_per_mb

int ProresContext::bits_per_mb

Definition at line 255 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ force_quant

int ProresContext::force_quant

Definition at line 256 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ alpha_bits

int ProresContext::alpha_bits

Definition at line 257 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ warn

int ProresContext::warn

Definition at line 258 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ quant_sel

int ProresContext::quant_sel

Definition at line 261 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ frame_size_upper_bound

int ProresContext::frame_size_upper_bound

Definition at line 263 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ profile

int ProresContext::profile

Definition at line 265 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ profile_info

const struct prores_profile* ProresContext::profile_info

Definition at line 266 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ slice_q

int* ProresContext::slice_q

Definition at line 268 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

◆ tdata

ProresThreadData* ProresContext::tdata

Definition at line 270 of file proresenc_kostya.c.

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