Data Fields
NVDECContext Struct Reference

#include <nvdec.h>

Data Fields

struct FFRefStructPooldecoder_pool
struct NVDECDecoderdecoder
 RefStruct reference. More...
const uint8_t * bitstream
int bitstream_len
unsigned int bitstream_allocated
uint8_t * bitstream_internal
unsigned * slice_offsets
int nb_slices
unsigned int slice_offsets_allocated
int supports_444

Detailed Description

Definition at line 52 of file nvdec.h.

Field Documentation

◆ pic_params


Definition at line 53 of file nvdec.h.

◆ decoder_pool

struct FFRefStructPool* NVDECContext::decoder_pool

Definition at line 55 of file nvdec.h.

◆ decoder

struct NVDECDecoder* NVDECContext::decoder

RefStruct reference.

Definition at line 57 of file nvdec.h.

◆ bitstream

const uint8_t* NVDECContext::bitstream

Definition at line 59 of file nvdec.h.

◆ bitstream_len

int NVDECContext::bitstream_len

Definition at line 60 of file nvdec.h.

◆ bitstream_allocated

unsigned int NVDECContext::bitstream_allocated

Definition at line 61 of file nvdec.h.

◆ bitstream_internal

uint8_t* NVDECContext::bitstream_internal

Definition at line 62 of file nvdec.h.

◆ slice_offsets

unsigned* NVDECContext::slice_offsets

Definition at line 64 of file nvdec.h.

◆ nb_slices

int NVDECContext::nb_slices

Definition at line 65 of file nvdec.h.

◆ slice_offsets_allocated

unsigned int NVDECContext::slice_offsets_allocated

Definition at line 66 of file nvdec.h.

◆ supports_444

int NVDECContext::supports_444

Definition at line 68 of file nvdec.h.

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