Data Fields
KMSGrabContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

const AVClassclass
int fb2_available
uint32_t plane_id
uint32_t drm_format
unsigned int width
unsigned int height
int64_t frame_delay
int64_t frame_last
const char * device_path
enum AVPixelFormat format
int64_t drm_format_modifier
int64_t source_plane
int64_t source_crtc
AVRational framerate

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file kmsgrab.c.

Field Documentation

◆ class

const AVClass* KMSGrabContext::class

Definition at line 50 of file kmsgrab.c.

◆ device_ref

AVBufferRef* KMSGrabContext::device_ref

Definition at line 52 of file kmsgrab.c.

◆ device

AVHWDeviceContext* KMSGrabContext::device

Definition at line 53 of file kmsgrab.c.

◆ hwctx

AVDRMDeviceContext* KMSGrabContext::hwctx

Definition at line 54 of file kmsgrab.c.

◆ fb2_available

int KMSGrabContext::fb2_available

Definition at line 55 of file kmsgrab.c.

◆ frames_ref

AVBufferRef* KMSGrabContext::frames_ref

Definition at line 57 of file kmsgrab.c.

◆ frames

AVHWFramesContext* KMSGrabContext::frames

Definition at line 58 of file kmsgrab.c.

◆ plane_id

uint32_t KMSGrabContext::plane_id

Definition at line 60 of file kmsgrab.c.

◆ drm_format

uint32_t KMSGrabContext::drm_format

Definition at line 61 of file kmsgrab.c.

◆ width

unsigned int KMSGrabContext::width

Definition at line 62 of file kmsgrab.c.

◆ height

unsigned int KMSGrabContext::height

Definition at line 63 of file kmsgrab.c.

◆ frame_delay

int64_t KMSGrabContext::frame_delay

Definition at line 65 of file kmsgrab.c.

◆ frame_last

int64_t KMSGrabContext::frame_last

Definition at line 66 of file kmsgrab.c.

◆ device_path

const char* KMSGrabContext::device_path

Definition at line 68 of file kmsgrab.c.

◆ format

enum AVPixelFormat KMSGrabContext::format

Definition at line 69 of file kmsgrab.c.

◆ drm_format_modifier

int64_t KMSGrabContext::drm_format_modifier

Definition at line 70 of file kmsgrab.c.

◆ source_plane

int64_t KMSGrabContext::source_plane

Definition at line 71 of file kmsgrab.c.

◆ source_crtc

int64_t KMSGrabContext::source_crtc

Definition at line 72 of file kmsgrab.c.

◆ framerate

AVRational KMSGrabContext::framerate

Definition at line 73 of file kmsgrab.c.

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