Data Fields
Jpeg2000EncoderContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

const AVFramepicture
int width
int height
 image width and height More...
uint8_t cbps [4]
 bits per sample in particular components More...
uint8_t comp_remap [4]
int chroma_shift [2]
uint8_t planar
int ncomponents
int tile_width
int tile_height
 tile size More...
int numXtiles
int numYtiles
uint8_t * buf_start
uint8_t * buf
uint8_t * buf_end
int bit_index
uint64_t lambda
Jpeg2000CodingStyle codsty
Jpeg2000QuantStyle qntsty
int layer_rates [100]
uint8_t compression_rate_enc
 Is compression done using compression ratio? More...
int format
int pred
int sop
int eph
int prog
int nlayers
char * lr_str

Detailed Description

Definition at line 112 of file j2kenc.c.

Field Documentation

◆ class

AVClass* Jpeg2000EncoderContext::class

Definition at line 113 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ avctx

AVCodecContext* Jpeg2000EncoderContext::avctx

Definition at line 114 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ picture

const AVFrame* Jpeg2000EncoderContext::picture

Definition at line 115 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ width

int Jpeg2000EncoderContext::width

Definition at line 117 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ height

int Jpeg2000EncoderContext::height

image width and height

Definition at line 117 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ cbps

uint8_t Jpeg2000EncoderContext::cbps[4]

bits per sample in particular components

Definition at line 118 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ comp_remap

uint8_t Jpeg2000EncoderContext::comp_remap[4]

Definition at line 119 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ chroma_shift

int Jpeg2000EncoderContext::chroma_shift[2]

Definition at line 120 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ planar

uint8_t Jpeg2000EncoderContext::planar

Definition at line 121 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ ncomponents

int Jpeg2000EncoderContext::ncomponents

Definition at line 122 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ tile_width

int Jpeg2000EncoderContext::tile_width

Definition at line 123 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ tile_height

int Jpeg2000EncoderContext::tile_height

tile size

Definition at line 123 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ numXtiles

int Jpeg2000EncoderContext::numXtiles

Definition at line 124 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ numYtiles

int Jpeg2000EncoderContext::numYtiles

Definition at line 124 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ buf_start

uint8_t* Jpeg2000EncoderContext::buf_start

Definition at line 126 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ buf

uint8_t* Jpeg2000EncoderContext::buf

Definition at line 127 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ buf_end

uint8_t* Jpeg2000EncoderContext::buf_end

Definition at line 128 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ bit_index

int Jpeg2000EncoderContext::bit_index

Definition at line 129 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ lambda

uint64_t Jpeg2000EncoderContext::lambda

Definition at line 131 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ codsty

Jpeg2000CodingStyle Jpeg2000EncoderContext::codsty

Definition at line 133 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ qntsty

Jpeg2000QuantStyle Jpeg2000EncoderContext::qntsty

Definition at line 134 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ tile

Jpeg2000Tile* Jpeg2000EncoderContext::tile

Definition at line 136 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ layer_rates

int Jpeg2000EncoderContext::layer_rates[100]

Definition at line 137 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ compression_rate_enc

uint8_t Jpeg2000EncoderContext::compression_rate_enc

Is compression done using compression ratio?

Definition at line 138 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ format

int Jpeg2000EncoderContext::format

Definition at line 140 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ pred

int Jpeg2000EncoderContext::pred

Definition at line 141 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ sop

int Jpeg2000EncoderContext::sop

Definition at line 142 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ eph

int Jpeg2000EncoderContext::eph

Definition at line 143 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ prog

int Jpeg2000EncoderContext::prog

Definition at line 144 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ nlayers

int Jpeg2000EncoderContext::nlayers

Definition at line 145 of file j2kenc.c.

◆ lr_str

char* Jpeg2000EncoderContext::lr_str

Definition at line 146 of file j2kenc.c.

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