Data Fields
HEVCSPS Struct Reference

#include <ps.h>

Data Fields

unsigned vps_id
int chroma_format_idc
HEVCWindow output_window
HEVCWindow pic_conf_win
HEVCHdrParams hdr
int bit_depth
int bit_depth_chroma
int pixel_shift
enum AVPixelFormat pix_fmt
unsigned int log2_max_poc_lsb
int max_sub_layers
struct {
   int   max_dec_pic_buffering
   int   num_reorder_pics
   int   max_latency_increase
temporal_layer [HEVC_MAX_SUB_LAYERS]
int vui_present
VUI vui
PTL ptl
ScalingList scaling_list
unsigned int nb_st_rps
uint16_t lt_ref_pic_poc_lsb_sps [HEVC_MAX_LONG_TERM_REF_PICS]
uint32_t used_by_curr_pic_lt
uint8_t num_long_term_ref_pics_sps
struct {
   uint8_t   bit_depth
   uint8_t   bit_depth_chroma
   unsigned int   log2_min_pcm_cb_size
   unsigned int   log2_max_pcm_cb_size
unsigned int log2_min_cb_size
unsigned int log2_diff_max_min_coding_block_size
unsigned int log2_min_tb_size
unsigned int log2_max_trafo_size
unsigned int log2_ctb_size
unsigned int log2_min_pu_size
unsigned int log2_diff_max_min_transform_block_size
int max_transform_hierarchy_depth_inter
int max_transform_hierarchy_depth_intra
uint8_t separate_colour_plane
uint8_t conformance_window
uint8_t pcm_enabled
uint8_t pcm_loop_filter_disabled
uint8_t sublayer_ordering_info
uint8_t temporal_id_nesting
uint8_t extension_present
uint8_t scaling_list_enabled
uint8_t amp_enabled
uint8_t sao_enabled
uint8_t long_term_ref_pics_present
uint8_t temporal_mvp_enabled
uint8_t strong_intra_smoothing_enabled
uint8_t range_extension
uint8_t transform_skip_rotation_enabled
uint8_t transform_skip_context_enabled
uint8_t implicit_rdpcm_enabled
uint8_t explicit_rdpcm_enabled
uint8_t extended_precision_processing
uint8_t intra_smoothing_disabled
uint8_t high_precision_offsets_enabled
uint8_t persistent_rice_adaptation_enabled
uint8_t cabac_bypass_alignment_enabled
uint8_t multilayer_extension
uint8_t sps_3d_extension
uint8_t scc_extension
uint8_t curr_pic_ref_enabled
uint8_t palette_mode_enabled
uint8_t palette_predictor_initializers_present
uint8_t intra_boundary_filtering_disabled
int palette_max_size
int delta_palette_max_predictor_size
int sps_num_palette_predictor_initializers
int sps_palette_predictor_initializer [3][HEVC_MAX_PALETTE_PREDICTOR_SIZE]
int motion_vector_resolution_control_idc
 coded frame dimension in various units More...
int width
int height
int ctb_width
int ctb_height
int ctb_size
int min_cb_width
int min_cb_height
int min_tb_width
int min_tb_height
int min_pu_width
int min_pu_height
int tb_mask
int hshift [3]
int vshift [3]
int qp_bd_offset
uint8_t * data
int data_size
const HEVCVPSvps
 RefStruct reference. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 190 of file ps.h.

Field Documentation

◆ vps_id

unsigned HEVCSPS::vps_id

Definition at line 191 of file ps.h.

◆ chroma_format_idc

int HEVCSPS::chroma_format_idc

Definition at line 192 of file ps.h.

◆ output_window

HEVCWindow HEVCSPS::output_window

Definition at line 194 of file ps.h.

◆ pic_conf_win

HEVCWindow HEVCSPS::pic_conf_win

Definition at line 196 of file ps.h.

◆ hdr

HEVCHdrParams HEVCSPS::hdr

Definition at line 198 of file ps.h.

◆ bit_depth [1/2]

int HEVCSPS::bit_depth

Definition at line 200 of file ps.h.

◆ bit_depth_chroma [1/2]

int HEVCSPS::bit_depth_chroma

Definition at line 201 of file ps.h.

◆ pixel_shift

int HEVCSPS::pixel_shift

Definition at line 202 of file ps.h.

◆ pix_fmt

enum AVPixelFormat HEVCSPS::pix_fmt

Definition at line 203 of file ps.h.

◆ log2_max_poc_lsb

unsigned int HEVCSPS::log2_max_poc_lsb

Definition at line 205 of file ps.h.

◆ max_sub_layers

int HEVCSPS::max_sub_layers

Definition at line 207 of file ps.h.

◆ max_dec_pic_buffering

int HEVCSPS::max_dec_pic_buffering

Definition at line 209 of file ps.h.

◆ num_reorder_pics

int HEVCSPS::num_reorder_pics

Definition at line 210 of file ps.h.

◆ max_latency_increase

int HEVCSPS::max_latency_increase

Definition at line 211 of file ps.h.

◆ temporal_layer

struct { ... } HEVCSPS::temporal_layer[HEVC_MAX_SUB_LAYERS]

◆ vui_present

int HEVCSPS::vui_present

Definition at line 214 of file ps.h.

◆ vui


Definition at line 215 of file ps.h.

◆ ptl


Definition at line 216 of file ps.h.

◆ scaling_list

ScalingList HEVCSPS::scaling_list

Definition at line 218 of file ps.h.

◆ nb_st_rps

unsigned int HEVCSPS::nb_st_rps

Definition at line 220 of file ps.h.

◆ st_rps

Definition at line 221 of file ps.h.

◆ lt_ref_pic_poc_lsb_sps

uint16_t HEVCSPS::lt_ref_pic_poc_lsb_sps[HEVC_MAX_LONG_TERM_REF_PICS]

Definition at line 223 of file ps.h.

◆ used_by_curr_pic_lt

uint32_t HEVCSPS::used_by_curr_pic_lt

Definition at line 224 of file ps.h.

◆ num_long_term_ref_pics_sps

uint8_t HEVCSPS::num_long_term_ref_pics_sps

Definition at line 225 of file ps.h.

◆ bit_depth [2/2]

uint8_t HEVCSPS::bit_depth

Definition at line 228 of file ps.h.

◆ bit_depth_chroma [2/2]

uint8_t HEVCSPS::bit_depth_chroma

Definition at line 229 of file ps.h.

◆ log2_min_pcm_cb_size

unsigned int HEVCSPS::log2_min_pcm_cb_size

Definition at line 230 of file ps.h.

◆ log2_max_pcm_cb_size

unsigned int HEVCSPS::log2_max_pcm_cb_size

Definition at line 231 of file ps.h.

◆ pcm

struct { ... } HEVCSPS::pcm

◆ log2_min_cb_size

unsigned int HEVCSPS::log2_min_cb_size

Definition at line 234 of file ps.h.

◆ log2_diff_max_min_coding_block_size

unsigned int HEVCSPS::log2_diff_max_min_coding_block_size

Definition at line 235 of file ps.h.

◆ log2_min_tb_size

unsigned int HEVCSPS::log2_min_tb_size

Definition at line 236 of file ps.h.

◆ log2_max_trafo_size

unsigned int HEVCSPS::log2_max_trafo_size

Definition at line 237 of file ps.h.

◆ log2_ctb_size

unsigned int HEVCSPS::log2_ctb_size

Definition at line 238 of file ps.h.

◆ log2_min_pu_size

unsigned int HEVCSPS::log2_min_pu_size

Definition at line 239 of file ps.h.

◆ log2_diff_max_min_transform_block_size

unsigned int HEVCSPS::log2_diff_max_min_transform_block_size

Definition at line 240 of file ps.h.

◆ max_transform_hierarchy_depth_inter

int HEVCSPS::max_transform_hierarchy_depth_inter

Definition at line 242 of file ps.h.

◆ max_transform_hierarchy_depth_intra

int HEVCSPS::max_transform_hierarchy_depth_intra

Definition at line 243 of file ps.h.

◆ separate_colour_plane

uint8_t HEVCSPS::separate_colour_plane

Definition at line 245 of file ps.h.

◆ conformance_window

uint8_t HEVCSPS::conformance_window

Definition at line 246 of file ps.h.

◆ pcm_enabled

uint8_t HEVCSPS::pcm_enabled

Definition at line 247 of file ps.h.

◆ pcm_loop_filter_disabled

uint8_t HEVCSPS::pcm_loop_filter_disabled

Definition at line 248 of file ps.h.

◆ sublayer_ordering_info

uint8_t HEVCSPS::sublayer_ordering_info

Definition at line 249 of file ps.h.

◆ temporal_id_nesting

uint8_t HEVCSPS::temporal_id_nesting

Definition at line 250 of file ps.h.

◆ extension_present

uint8_t HEVCSPS::extension_present

Definition at line 251 of file ps.h.

◆ scaling_list_enabled

uint8_t HEVCSPS::scaling_list_enabled

Definition at line 252 of file ps.h.

◆ amp_enabled

uint8_t HEVCSPS::amp_enabled

Definition at line 253 of file ps.h.

◆ sao_enabled

uint8_t HEVCSPS::sao_enabled

Definition at line 254 of file ps.h.

◆ long_term_ref_pics_present

uint8_t HEVCSPS::long_term_ref_pics_present

Definition at line 255 of file ps.h.

◆ temporal_mvp_enabled

uint8_t HEVCSPS::temporal_mvp_enabled

Definition at line 256 of file ps.h.

◆ strong_intra_smoothing_enabled

uint8_t HEVCSPS::strong_intra_smoothing_enabled

Definition at line 257 of file ps.h.

◆ range_extension

uint8_t HEVCSPS::range_extension

Definition at line 258 of file ps.h.

◆ transform_skip_rotation_enabled

uint8_t HEVCSPS::transform_skip_rotation_enabled

Definition at line 259 of file ps.h.

◆ transform_skip_context_enabled

uint8_t HEVCSPS::transform_skip_context_enabled

Definition at line 260 of file ps.h.

◆ implicit_rdpcm_enabled

uint8_t HEVCSPS::implicit_rdpcm_enabled

Definition at line 261 of file ps.h.

◆ explicit_rdpcm_enabled

uint8_t HEVCSPS::explicit_rdpcm_enabled

Definition at line 262 of file ps.h.

◆ extended_precision_processing

uint8_t HEVCSPS::extended_precision_processing

Definition at line 263 of file ps.h.

◆ intra_smoothing_disabled

uint8_t HEVCSPS::intra_smoothing_disabled

Definition at line 264 of file ps.h.

◆ high_precision_offsets_enabled

uint8_t HEVCSPS::high_precision_offsets_enabled

Definition at line 265 of file ps.h.

◆ persistent_rice_adaptation_enabled

uint8_t HEVCSPS::persistent_rice_adaptation_enabled

Definition at line 266 of file ps.h.

◆ cabac_bypass_alignment_enabled

uint8_t HEVCSPS::cabac_bypass_alignment_enabled

Definition at line 267 of file ps.h.

◆ multilayer_extension

uint8_t HEVCSPS::multilayer_extension

Definition at line 269 of file ps.h.

◆ sps_3d_extension

uint8_t HEVCSPS::sps_3d_extension

Definition at line 270 of file ps.h.

◆ scc_extension

uint8_t HEVCSPS::scc_extension

Definition at line 272 of file ps.h.

◆ curr_pic_ref_enabled

uint8_t HEVCSPS::curr_pic_ref_enabled

Definition at line 273 of file ps.h.

◆ palette_mode_enabled

uint8_t HEVCSPS::palette_mode_enabled

Definition at line 274 of file ps.h.

◆ palette_predictor_initializers_present

uint8_t HEVCSPS::palette_predictor_initializers_present

Definition at line 275 of file ps.h.

◆ intra_boundary_filtering_disabled

uint8_t HEVCSPS::intra_boundary_filtering_disabled

Definition at line 276 of file ps.h.

◆ palette_max_size

int HEVCSPS::palette_max_size

Definition at line 278 of file ps.h.

◆ delta_palette_max_predictor_size

int HEVCSPS::delta_palette_max_predictor_size

Definition at line 279 of file ps.h.

◆ sps_num_palette_predictor_initializers

int HEVCSPS::sps_num_palette_predictor_initializers

Definition at line 280 of file ps.h.

◆ sps_palette_predictor_initializer

int HEVCSPS::sps_palette_predictor_initializer[3][HEVC_MAX_PALETTE_PREDICTOR_SIZE]

Definition at line 281 of file ps.h.

◆ motion_vector_resolution_control_idc

int HEVCSPS::motion_vector_resolution_control_idc

coded frame dimension in various units

Definition at line 282 of file ps.h.

◆ width

int HEVCSPS::width

Definition at line 285 of file ps.h.

◆ height

int HEVCSPS::height

Definition at line 286 of file ps.h.

◆ ctb_width

int HEVCSPS::ctb_width

Definition at line 287 of file ps.h.

◆ ctb_height

int HEVCSPS::ctb_height

Definition at line 288 of file ps.h.

◆ ctb_size

int HEVCSPS::ctb_size

Definition at line 289 of file ps.h.

◆ min_cb_width

int HEVCSPS::min_cb_width

Definition at line 290 of file ps.h.

◆ min_cb_height

int HEVCSPS::min_cb_height

Definition at line 291 of file ps.h.

◆ min_tb_width

int HEVCSPS::min_tb_width

Definition at line 292 of file ps.h.

◆ min_tb_height

int HEVCSPS::min_tb_height

Definition at line 293 of file ps.h.

◆ min_pu_width

int HEVCSPS::min_pu_width

Definition at line 294 of file ps.h.

◆ min_pu_height

int HEVCSPS::min_pu_height

Definition at line 295 of file ps.h.

◆ tb_mask

int HEVCSPS::tb_mask

Definition at line 296 of file ps.h.

◆ hshift

int HEVCSPS::hshift[3]

Definition at line 298 of file ps.h.

◆ vshift

int HEVCSPS::vshift[3]

Definition at line 299 of file ps.h.

◆ qp_bd_offset

int HEVCSPS::qp_bd_offset

Definition at line 301 of file ps.h.

◆ data

uint8_t* HEVCSPS::data

Definition at line 303 of file ps.h.

Referenced by compare_sps().

◆ data_size

int HEVCSPS::data_size

Definition at line 304 of file ps.h.

Referenced by compare_sps().

◆ vps


RefStruct reference.

Definition at line 306 of file ps.h.

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