Data Fields
H266RawPredWeightTable Struct Reference

#include <cbs_h266.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t luma_log2_weight_denom
int8_t delta_chroma_log2_weight_denom
uint8_t num_l0_weights
uint8_t luma_weight_l0_flag [15]
uint8_t chroma_weight_l0_flag [15]
int8_t delta_luma_weight_l0 [15]
int8_t luma_offset_l0 [15]
int8_t delta_chroma_weight_l0 [15][2]
int16_t delta_chroma_offset_l0 [15][2]
uint8_t num_l1_weights
uint8_t luma_weight_l1_flag [15]
uint8_t chroma_weight_l1_flag [15]
int8_t delta_luma_weight_l1 [15]
int8_t luma_offset_l1 [15]
int8_t delta_chroma_weight_l1 [15][2]
int16_t delta_chroma_offset_l1 [15][2]
uint8_t num_weights_l0
 NumWeightsL0. More...
uint8_t num_weights_l1
 NumWeightsL1. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 650 of file cbs_h266.h.

Field Documentation

◆ luma_log2_weight_denom

uint8_t H266RawPredWeightTable::luma_log2_weight_denom

Definition at line 651 of file cbs_h266.h.

◆ delta_chroma_log2_weight_denom

int8_t H266RawPredWeightTable::delta_chroma_log2_weight_denom

Definition at line 652 of file cbs_h266.h.

◆ num_l0_weights

uint8_t H266RawPredWeightTable::num_l0_weights

Definition at line 654 of file cbs_h266.h.

◆ luma_weight_l0_flag

uint8_t H266RawPredWeightTable::luma_weight_l0_flag[15]

Definition at line 655 of file cbs_h266.h.

◆ chroma_weight_l0_flag

uint8_t H266RawPredWeightTable::chroma_weight_l0_flag[15]

Definition at line 656 of file cbs_h266.h.

◆ delta_luma_weight_l0

int8_t H266RawPredWeightTable::delta_luma_weight_l0[15]

Definition at line 657 of file cbs_h266.h.

◆ luma_offset_l0

int8_t H266RawPredWeightTable::luma_offset_l0[15]

Definition at line 658 of file cbs_h266.h.

◆ delta_chroma_weight_l0

int8_t H266RawPredWeightTable::delta_chroma_weight_l0[15][2]

Definition at line 659 of file cbs_h266.h.

◆ delta_chroma_offset_l0

int16_t H266RawPredWeightTable::delta_chroma_offset_l0[15][2]

Definition at line 660 of file cbs_h266.h.

◆ num_l1_weights

uint8_t H266RawPredWeightTable::num_l1_weights

Definition at line 662 of file cbs_h266.h.

◆ luma_weight_l1_flag

uint8_t H266RawPredWeightTable::luma_weight_l1_flag[15]

Definition at line 663 of file cbs_h266.h.

◆ chroma_weight_l1_flag

uint8_t H266RawPredWeightTable::chroma_weight_l1_flag[15]

Definition at line 664 of file cbs_h266.h.

◆ delta_luma_weight_l1

int8_t H266RawPredWeightTable::delta_luma_weight_l1[15]

Definition at line 665 of file cbs_h266.h.

◆ luma_offset_l1

int8_t H266RawPredWeightTable::luma_offset_l1[15]

Definition at line 666 of file cbs_h266.h.

◆ delta_chroma_weight_l1

int8_t H266RawPredWeightTable::delta_chroma_weight_l1[15][2]

Definition at line 667 of file cbs_h266.h.

◆ delta_chroma_offset_l1

int16_t H266RawPredWeightTable::delta_chroma_offset_l1[15][2]

Definition at line 668 of file cbs_h266.h.

◆ num_weights_l0

uint8_t H266RawPredWeightTable::num_weights_l0


Definition at line 670 of file cbs_h266.h.

◆ num_weights_l1

uint8_t H266RawPredWeightTable::num_weights_l1


Definition at line 671 of file cbs_h266.h.

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