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G722Context Struct Reference

#include <g722.h>

Data Structures

struct  G722Band
 The band[0] and band[1] correspond respectively to the lower band and higher band. More...
struct  TrellisNode
struct  TrellisPath

Data Fields

const AVClassclass
int bits_per_codeword
int16_t prev_samples [PREV_SAMPLES_BUF_SIZE]
 memory of past decoded samples More...
int prev_samples_pos
 the number of values in prev_samples More...
struct G722Context::G722Band band [2]
struct G722Context::TrellisNodenode_buf [2]
struct G722Context::TrellisNode ** nodep_buf [2]
struct G722Context::TrellisPathpaths [2]
G722DSPContext dsp

Detailed Description

Definition at line 34 of file g722.h.

Field Documentation

◆ class

const AVClass* G722Context::class

Definition at line 35 of file g722.h.

◆ bits_per_codeword

int G722Context::bits_per_codeword

Definition at line 36 of file g722.h.

◆ prev_samples

int16_t G722Context::prev_samples[PREV_SAMPLES_BUF_SIZE]

memory of past decoded samples

Definition at line 37 of file g722.h.

◆ prev_samples_pos

int G722Context::prev_samples_pos

the number of values in prev_samples

Definition at line 38 of file g722.h.

◆ band

struct G722Context::G722Band G722Context::band[2]

◆ node_buf

struct G722Context::TrellisNode * G722Context::node_buf[2]

◆ nodep_buf

struct G722Context::TrellisNode ** G722Context::nodep_buf[2]

◆ paths

struct G722Context::TrellisPath * G722Context::paths[2]

◆ dsp

G722DSPContext G722Context::dsp

Definition at line 66 of file g722.h.

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