Data Fields
FlacEncodeContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

PutBitContext pb
int channels
int samplerate
int sr_code [2]
int bps_code
int max_blocksize
int min_framesize
int max_framesize
int max_encoded_framesize
uint32_t frame_count
uint64_t sample_count
uint8_t md5sum [16]
FlacFrame frame
CompressionOptions options
LPCContext lpc_ctx
struct AVMD5md5ctx
uint8_t * md5_buffer
unsigned int md5_buffer_size
BswapDSPContext bdsp
FLACEncDSPContext flac_dsp
int flushed
int64_t next_pts

Detailed Description

Definition at line 106 of file flacenc.c.

Field Documentation

◆ class

AVClass* FlacEncodeContext::class

Definition at line 107 of file flacenc.c.

◆ pb

PutBitContext FlacEncodeContext::pb

Definition at line 108 of file flacenc.c.

◆ channels

int FlacEncodeContext::channels

Definition at line 109 of file flacenc.c.

◆ samplerate

int FlacEncodeContext::samplerate

Definition at line 110 of file flacenc.c.

◆ sr_code

int FlacEncodeContext::sr_code[2]

Definition at line 111 of file flacenc.c.

◆ bps_code

int FlacEncodeContext::bps_code

Definition at line 112 of file flacenc.c.

◆ max_blocksize

int FlacEncodeContext::max_blocksize

Definition at line 113 of file flacenc.c.

◆ min_framesize

int FlacEncodeContext::min_framesize

Definition at line 114 of file flacenc.c.

◆ max_framesize

int FlacEncodeContext::max_framesize

Definition at line 115 of file flacenc.c.

◆ max_encoded_framesize

int FlacEncodeContext::max_encoded_framesize

Definition at line 116 of file flacenc.c.

◆ frame_count

uint32_t FlacEncodeContext::frame_count

Definition at line 117 of file flacenc.c.

◆ sample_count

uint64_t FlacEncodeContext::sample_count

Definition at line 118 of file flacenc.c.

◆ md5sum

uint8_t FlacEncodeContext::md5sum[16]

Definition at line 119 of file flacenc.c.

◆ frame

FlacFrame FlacEncodeContext::frame

Definition at line 120 of file flacenc.c.

◆ options

CompressionOptions FlacEncodeContext::options

Definition at line 121 of file flacenc.c.

◆ avctx

AVCodecContext* FlacEncodeContext::avctx

Definition at line 122 of file flacenc.c.

◆ lpc_ctx

LPCContext FlacEncodeContext::lpc_ctx

Definition at line 123 of file flacenc.c.

◆ md5ctx

struct AVMD5* FlacEncodeContext::md5ctx

Definition at line 124 of file flacenc.c.

◆ md5_buffer

uint8_t* FlacEncodeContext::md5_buffer

Definition at line 125 of file flacenc.c.

◆ md5_buffer_size

unsigned int FlacEncodeContext::md5_buffer_size

Definition at line 126 of file flacenc.c.

◆ bdsp

BswapDSPContext FlacEncodeContext::bdsp

Definition at line 127 of file flacenc.c.

◆ flac_dsp

FLACEncDSPContext FlacEncodeContext::flac_dsp

Definition at line 128 of file flacenc.c.

◆ flushed

int FlacEncodeContext::flushed

Definition at line 130 of file flacenc.c.

◆ next_pts

int64_t FlacEncodeContext::next_pts

Definition at line 131 of file flacenc.c.

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