Data Fields
EbmlElement Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint32_t id
EbmlType type
unsigned length_size
uint64_t size
 excluding id and length field More...
union {
   uint64_t   uint
   int64_t   sint
   double   f
   const char *   str
   const uint8_t *   bin
   struct MatroskaMuxContext *   mkv
 used by EBML_BLOCK More...
   EbmlMaster   master

Detailed Description

Definition at line 130 of file matroskaenc.c.

Field Documentation

◆ id

uint32_t EbmlElement::id

Definition at line 131 of file matroskaenc.c.

Referenced by ebml_writer_add(), ebml_writer_elem_write(), and ebml_writer_master_len().

◆ type

EbmlType EbmlElement::type

◆ length_size

unsigned EbmlElement::length_size

◆ size

uint64_t EbmlElement::size

◆ uint

uint64_t EbmlElement::uint

◆ sint

int64_t EbmlElement::sint

◆ f

double EbmlElement::f

Definition at line 138 of file matroskaenc.c.

Referenced by ebml_writer_add_float(), and ebml_writer_elem_write().

◆ str

const char* EbmlElement::str

◆ bin

const uint8_t* EbmlElement::bin

Definition at line 140 of file matroskaenc.c.

Referenced by ebml_writer_add_bin(), and ebml_writer_elem_write().

◆ mkv

struct MatroskaMuxContext* EbmlElement::mkv

used by EBML_BLOCK

Definition at line 141 of file matroskaenc.c.

Referenced by ebml_writer_add_block(), ebml_writer_block_len(), and ebml_writer_write_block().

◆ master

EbmlMaster EbmlElement::master

◆ priv

union { ... } EbmlElement::priv

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