Data Fields
EVCParserSPS Struct Reference

#include <evc_ps.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t sps_seq_parameter_set_id
uint8_t profile_idc
uint8_t level_idc
uint32_t toolset_idc_h
uint32_t toolset_idc_l
uint8_t chroma_format_idc
uint32_t pic_width_in_luma_samples
uint32_t pic_height_in_luma_samples
uint8_t bit_depth_luma_minus8
uint8_t bit_depth_chroma_minus8
uint8_t sps_btt_flag
uint32_t log2_ctu_size_minus2
uint32_t log2_min_cb_size_minus2
uint32_t log2_diff_ctu_max_14_cb_size
uint32_t log2_diff_ctu_max_tt_cb_size
uint32_t log2_diff_min_cb_min_tt_cb_size_minus2
uint8_t sps_suco_flag
uint32_t log2_diff_ctu_size_max_suco_cb_size
uint32_t log2_diff_max_suco_min_suco_cb_size
uint8_t sps_admvp_flag
uint8_t sps_affine_flag
uint8_t sps_amvr_flag
uint8_t sps_dmvr_flag
uint8_t sps_mmvd_flag
uint8_t sps_hmvp_flag
uint8_t sps_eipd_flag
uint8_t sps_ibc_flag
uint32_t log2_max_ibc_cand_size_minus2
uint8_t sps_cm_init_flag
uint8_t sps_adcc_flag
uint8_t sps_iqt_flag
uint8_t sps_ats_flag
uint8_t sps_addb_flag
uint8_t sps_alf_flag
uint8_t sps_htdf_flag
uint8_t sps_rpl_flag
uint8_t sps_pocs_flag
uint8_t sps_dquant_flag
uint8_t sps_dra_flag
uint32_t log2_max_pic_order_cnt_lsb_minus4
uint32_t log2_sub_gop_length
uint32_t log2_ref_pic_gap_length
uint8_t max_num_tid0_ref_pics
uint32_t sps_max_dec_pic_buffering_minus1
uint8_t long_term_ref_pic_flag
uint8_t rpl1_same_as_rpl0_flag
uint8_t num_ref_pic_list_in_sps [2]
struct RefPicListStruct rpls [2][EVC_MAX_NUM_RPLS]
uint8_t picture_cropping_flag
uint32_t picture_crop_left_offset
uint32_t picture_crop_right_offset
uint32_t picture_crop_top_offset
uint32_t picture_crop_bottom_offset
struct ChromaQpTable chroma_qp_table_struct
uint8_t vui_parameters_present_flag
struct VUIParameters vui_parameters

Detailed Description

Definition at line 111 of file evc_ps.h.

Field Documentation

◆ sps_seq_parameter_set_id

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_seq_parameter_set_id

Definition at line 112 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ profile_idc

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::profile_idc

Definition at line 113 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ level_idc

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::level_idc

Definition at line 114 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ toolset_idc_h

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::toolset_idc_h

Definition at line 115 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ toolset_idc_l

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::toolset_idc_l

Definition at line 116 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ chroma_format_idc

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::chroma_format_idc

Definition at line 117 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ pic_width_in_luma_samples

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::pic_width_in_luma_samples

Definition at line 118 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ pic_height_in_luma_samples

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::pic_height_in_luma_samples

Definition at line 119 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ bit_depth_luma_minus8

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::bit_depth_luma_minus8

Definition at line 120 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ bit_depth_chroma_minus8

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::bit_depth_chroma_minus8

Definition at line 121 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_btt_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_btt_flag

Definition at line 123 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ log2_ctu_size_minus2

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::log2_ctu_size_minus2

Definition at line 124 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ log2_min_cb_size_minus2

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::log2_min_cb_size_minus2

Definition at line 125 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ log2_diff_ctu_max_14_cb_size

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::log2_diff_ctu_max_14_cb_size

Definition at line 126 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ log2_diff_ctu_max_tt_cb_size

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::log2_diff_ctu_max_tt_cb_size

Definition at line 127 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ log2_diff_min_cb_min_tt_cb_size_minus2

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::log2_diff_min_cb_min_tt_cb_size_minus2

Definition at line 128 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_suco_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_suco_flag

Definition at line 130 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ log2_diff_ctu_size_max_suco_cb_size

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::log2_diff_ctu_size_max_suco_cb_size

Definition at line 131 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ log2_diff_max_suco_min_suco_cb_size

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::log2_diff_max_suco_min_suco_cb_size

Definition at line 132 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_admvp_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_admvp_flag

Definition at line 134 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_affine_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_affine_flag

Definition at line 135 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_amvr_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_amvr_flag

Definition at line 136 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_dmvr_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_dmvr_flag

Definition at line 137 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_mmvd_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_mmvd_flag

Definition at line 138 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_hmvp_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_hmvp_flag

Definition at line 139 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_eipd_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_eipd_flag

Definition at line 141 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_ibc_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_ibc_flag

Definition at line 142 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ log2_max_ibc_cand_size_minus2

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::log2_max_ibc_cand_size_minus2

Definition at line 143 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_cm_init_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_cm_init_flag

Definition at line 145 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_adcc_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_adcc_flag

Definition at line 146 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_iqt_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_iqt_flag

Definition at line 148 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_ats_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_ats_flag

Definition at line 149 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_addb_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_addb_flag

Definition at line 151 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_alf_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_alf_flag

Definition at line 152 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_htdf_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_htdf_flag

Definition at line 153 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_rpl_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_rpl_flag

Definition at line 154 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_pocs_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_pocs_flag

Definition at line 155 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_dquant_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_dquant_flag

Definition at line 156 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_dra_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::sps_dra_flag

Definition at line 157 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ log2_max_pic_order_cnt_lsb_minus4

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::log2_max_pic_order_cnt_lsb_minus4

Definition at line 159 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ log2_sub_gop_length

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::log2_sub_gop_length

Definition at line 160 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ log2_ref_pic_gap_length

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::log2_ref_pic_gap_length

Definition at line 161 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ max_num_tid0_ref_pics

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::max_num_tid0_ref_pics

Definition at line 163 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ sps_max_dec_pic_buffering_minus1

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::sps_max_dec_pic_buffering_minus1

Definition at line 165 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ long_term_ref_pic_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::long_term_ref_pic_flag

Definition at line 166 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ rpl1_same_as_rpl0_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::rpl1_same_as_rpl0_flag

Definition at line 167 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ num_ref_pic_list_in_sps

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::num_ref_pic_list_in_sps[2]

Definition at line 168 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ rpls

struct RefPicListStruct EVCParserSPS::rpls[2][EVC_MAX_NUM_RPLS]

Definition at line 169 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ picture_cropping_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::picture_cropping_flag

Definition at line 171 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ picture_crop_left_offset

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::picture_crop_left_offset

Definition at line 172 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ picture_crop_right_offset

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::picture_crop_right_offset

Definition at line 173 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ picture_crop_top_offset

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::picture_crop_top_offset

Definition at line 174 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ picture_crop_bottom_offset

uint32_t EVCParserSPS::picture_crop_bottom_offset

Definition at line 175 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ chroma_qp_table_struct

struct ChromaQpTable EVCParserSPS::chroma_qp_table_struct

Definition at line 177 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ vui_parameters_present_flag

uint8_t EVCParserSPS::vui_parameters_present_flag

Definition at line 179 of file evc_ps.h.

◆ vui_parameters

struct VUIParameters EVCParserSPS::vui_parameters

Definition at line 181 of file evc_ps.h.

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