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EQContext Struct Reference

#include <vf_eq.h>

Public Types


Data Fields

const AVClassclass
EQParameters param [3]
char * contrast_expr
double contrast
char * brightness_expr
double brightness
char * saturation_expr
double saturation
char * gamma_expr
double gamma
char * gamma_weight_expr
double gamma_weight
char * gamma_r_expr
double gamma_r
char * gamma_g_expr
double gamma_g
char * gamma_b_expr
double gamma_b
double var_values [VAR_NB]
void(* process )(struct EQParameters *par, uint8_t *dst, int dst_stride, const uint8_t *src, int src_stride, int w, int h)
enum EQContext::EvalMode eval_mode

Detailed Description

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Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ EvalMode


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Field Documentation

◆ class

const AVClass* EQContext::class

Definition at line 63 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ param

EQParameters EQContext::param[3]

Definition at line 65 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ contrast_expr

char* EQContext::contrast_expr

Definition at line 67 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ contrast_pexpr

AVExpr* EQContext::contrast_pexpr

Definition at line 68 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ contrast

double EQContext::contrast

Definition at line 69 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ brightness_expr

char* EQContext::brightness_expr

Definition at line 71 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ brightness_pexpr

AVExpr* EQContext::brightness_pexpr

Definition at line 72 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ brightness

double EQContext::brightness

Definition at line 73 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ saturation_expr

char* EQContext::saturation_expr

Definition at line 75 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ saturation_pexpr

AVExpr* EQContext::saturation_pexpr

Definition at line 76 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ saturation

double EQContext::saturation

Definition at line 77 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ gamma_expr

char* EQContext::gamma_expr

Definition at line 79 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ gamma_pexpr

AVExpr* EQContext::gamma_pexpr

Definition at line 80 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ gamma

double EQContext::gamma

Definition at line 81 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ gamma_weight_expr

char* EQContext::gamma_weight_expr

Definition at line 83 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ gamma_weight_pexpr

AVExpr* EQContext::gamma_weight_pexpr

Definition at line 84 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ gamma_weight

double EQContext::gamma_weight

Definition at line 85 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ gamma_r_expr

char* EQContext::gamma_r_expr

Definition at line 87 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ gamma_r_pexpr

AVExpr* EQContext::gamma_r_pexpr

Definition at line 88 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ gamma_r

double EQContext::gamma_r

Definition at line 89 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ gamma_g_expr

char* EQContext::gamma_g_expr

Definition at line 91 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ gamma_g_pexpr

AVExpr* EQContext::gamma_g_pexpr

Definition at line 92 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ gamma_g

double EQContext::gamma_g

Definition at line 93 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ gamma_b_expr

char* EQContext::gamma_b_expr

Definition at line 95 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ gamma_b_pexpr

AVExpr* EQContext::gamma_b_pexpr

Definition at line 96 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ gamma_b

double EQContext::gamma_b

Definition at line 97 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ var_values

double EQContext::var_values[VAR_NB]

Definition at line 99 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ process

void(* EQContext::process) (struct EQParameters *par, uint8_t *dst, int dst_stride, const uint8_t *src, int src_stride, int w, int h)

Definition at line 101 of file vf_eq.h.

◆ eval_mode

enum EQContext::EvalMode EQContext::eval_mode

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