Data Fields
DBEGroup Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint8_t nb_exponent
uint8_t nb_bias_exp [MAX_MSTR_EXP]
uint16_t exp_ofs
uint16_t mnt_ofs
const uint8_t * nb_mantissa
uint8_t imdct_idx
uint8_t imdct_phs
uint16_t win_len
uint16_t dst_ofs
uint16_t win_ofs
uint16_t src_ofs

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file dolby_e.c.

Field Documentation

◆ nb_exponent

uint8_t DBEGroup::nb_exponent

Definition at line 50 of file dolby_e.c.

Referenced by parse_exponents(), and parse_indices().

◆ nb_bias_exp

uint8_t DBEGroup::nb_bias_exp[MAX_MSTR_EXP]

Definition at line 51 of file dolby_e.c.

◆ exp_ofs

uint16_t DBEGroup::exp_ofs

Definition at line 52 of file dolby_e.c.

Referenced by parse_bit_alloc(), parse_exponents(), and parse_indices().

◆ mnt_ofs

uint16_t DBEGroup::mnt_ofs

Definition at line 53 of file dolby_e.c.

◆ nb_mantissa

const uint8_t* DBEGroup::nb_mantissa

Definition at line 54 of file dolby_e.c.

◆ imdct_idx

uint8_t DBEGroup::imdct_idx

Definition at line 55 of file dolby_e.c.

◆ imdct_phs

uint8_t DBEGroup::imdct_phs

Definition at line 56 of file dolby_e.c.

◆ win_len

uint16_t DBEGroup::win_len

Definition at line 57 of file dolby_e.c.

◆ dst_ofs

uint16_t DBEGroup::dst_ofs

Definition at line 58 of file dolby_e.c.

◆ win_ofs

uint16_t DBEGroup::win_ofs

Definition at line 59 of file dolby_e.c.

◆ src_ofs

uint16_t DBEGroup::src_ofs

Definition at line 60 of file dolby_e.c.

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