Data Fields
AV1RawFrameHeader Struct Reference

#include <cbs_av1.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t show_existing_frame
uint8_t frame_to_show_map_idx
uint32_t frame_presentation_time
uint32_t display_frame_id
uint8_t frame_type
uint8_t show_frame
uint8_t showable_frame
uint8_t error_resilient_mode
uint8_t disable_cdf_update
uint8_t allow_screen_content_tools
uint8_t force_integer_mv
uint32_t current_frame_id
uint8_t frame_size_override_flag
uint8_t order_hint
uint8_t buffer_removal_time_present_flag
uint32_t buffer_removal_time [AV1_MAX_OPERATING_POINTS]
uint8_t primary_ref_frame
uint16_t frame_width_minus_1
uint16_t frame_height_minus_1
uint8_t use_superres
uint8_t coded_denom
uint8_t render_and_frame_size_different
uint16_t render_width_minus_1
uint16_t render_height_minus_1
uint8_t found_ref [AV1_REFS_PER_FRAME]
uint8_t refresh_frame_flags
uint8_t allow_intrabc
uint8_t ref_order_hint [AV1_NUM_REF_FRAMES]
uint8_t frame_refs_short_signaling
uint8_t last_frame_idx
uint8_t golden_frame_idx
int8_t ref_frame_idx [AV1_REFS_PER_FRAME]
uint32_t delta_frame_id_minus1 [AV1_REFS_PER_FRAME]
uint8_t allow_high_precision_mv
uint8_t is_filter_switchable
uint8_t interpolation_filter
uint8_t is_motion_mode_switchable
uint8_t use_ref_frame_mvs
uint8_t disable_frame_end_update_cdf
uint8_t uniform_tile_spacing_flag
uint8_t tile_cols_log2
uint8_t tile_rows_log2
uint8_t tile_start_col_sb [AV1_MAX_TILE_COLS]
uint8_t tile_start_row_sb [AV1_MAX_TILE_COLS]
uint8_t width_in_sbs_minus_1 [AV1_MAX_TILE_COLS]
uint8_t height_in_sbs_minus_1 [AV1_MAX_TILE_ROWS]
uint16_t context_update_tile_id
uint8_t tile_size_bytes_minus1
uint16_t tile_cols
uint16_t tile_rows
uint8_t base_q_idx
int8_t delta_q_y_dc
uint8_t diff_uv_delta
int8_t delta_q_u_dc
int8_t delta_q_u_ac
int8_t delta_q_v_dc
int8_t delta_q_v_ac
uint8_t using_qmatrix
uint8_t qm_y
uint8_t qm_u
uint8_t qm_v
uint8_t segmentation_enabled
uint8_t segmentation_update_map
uint8_t segmentation_temporal_update
uint8_t segmentation_update_data
uint8_t feature_enabled [AV1_MAX_SEGMENTS][AV1_SEG_LVL_MAX]
int16_t feature_value [AV1_MAX_SEGMENTS][AV1_SEG_LVL_MAX]
uint8_t delta_q_present
uint8_t delta_q_res
uint8_t delta_lf_present
uint8_t delta_lf_res
uint8_t delta_lf_multi
uint8_t loop_filter_level [4]
uint8_t loop_filter_sharpness
uint8_t loop_filter_delta_enabled
uint8_t loop_filter_delta_update
uint8_t update_ref_delta [AV1_TOTAL_REFS_PER_FRAME]
int8_t loop_filter_ref_deltas [AV1_TOTAL_REFS_PER_FRAME]
uint8_t update_mode_delta [2]
int8_t loop_filter_mode_deltas [2]
uint8_t cdef_damping_minus_3
uint8_t cdef_bits
uint8_t cdef_y_pri_strength [8]
uint8_t cdef_y_sec_strength [8]
uint8_t cdef_uv_pri_strength [8]
uint8_t cdef_uv_sec_strength [8]
uint8_t lr_type [3]
uint8_t lr_unit_shift
uint8_t lr_uv_shift
uint8_t tx_mode
uint8_t reference_select
uint8_t skip_mode_present
uint8_t allow_warped_motion
uint8_t reduced_tx_set
uint8_t is_global [AV1_TOTAL_REFS_PER_FRAME]
uint8_t is_rot_zoom [AV1_TOTAL_REFS_PER_FRAME]
uint8_t is_translation [AV1_TOTAL_REFS_PER_FRAME]
uint32_t gm_params [AV1_TOTAL_REFS_PER_FRAME][6]
AV1RawFilmGrainParams film_grain

Detailed Description

Definition at line 165 of file cbs_av1.h.

Field Documentation

◆ show_existing_frame

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::show_existing_frame

Definition at line 166 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ frame_to_show_map_idx

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::frame_to_show_map_idx

Definition at line 167 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ frame_presentation_time

uint32_t AV1RawFrameHeader::frame_presentation_time

Definition at line 168 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ display_frame_id

uint32_t AV1RawFrameHeader::display_frame_id

Definition at line 169 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ frame_type

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::frame_type

Definition at line 171 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ show_frame

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::show_frame

Definition at line 172 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ showable_frame

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::showable_frame

Definition at line 173 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ error_resilient_mode

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::error_resilient_mode

Definition at line 175 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ disable_cdf_update

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::disable_cdf_update

Definition at line 176 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ allow_screen_content_tools

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::allow_screen_content_tools

Definition at line 177 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ force_integer_mv

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::force_integer_mv

Definition at line 178 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ current_frame_id

uint32_t AV1RawFrameHeader::current_frame_id

Definition at line 180 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ frame_size_override_flag

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::frame_size_override_flag

Definition at line 181 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ order_hint

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::order_hint

Definition at line 182 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ buffer_removal_time_present_flag

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::buffer_removal_time_present_flag

Definition at line 184 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ buffer_removal_time

uint32_t AV1RawFrameHeader::buffer_removal_time[AV1_MAX_OPERATING_POINTS]

Definition at line 185 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ primary_ref_frame

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::primary_ref_frame

Definition at line 187 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ frame_width_minus_1

uint16_t AV1RawFrameHeader::frame_width_minus_1

Definition at line 188 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ frame_height_minus_1

uint16_t AV1RawFrameHeader::frame_height_minus_1

Definition at line 189 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ use_superres

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::use_superres

Definition at line 190 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ coded_denom

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::coded_denom

Definition at line 191 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ render_and_frame_size_different

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::render_and_frame_size_different

Definition at line 192 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ render_width_minus_1

uint16_t AV1RawFrameHeader::render_width_minus_1

Definition at line 193 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ render_height_minus_1

uint16_t AV1RawFrameHeader::render_height_minus_1

Definition at line 194 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ found_ref

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::found_ref[AV1_REFS_PER_FRAME]

Definition at line 196 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ refresh_frame_flags

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::refresh_frame_flags

Definition at line 198 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ allow_intrabc

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::allow_intrabc

Definition at line 199 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ ref_order_hint

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::ref_order_hint[AV1_NUM_REF_FRAMES]

Definition at line 200 of file cbs_av1.h.

Referenced by vk_av1_fill_pict().

◆ frame_refs_short_signaling

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::frame_refs_short_signaling

Definition at line 201 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ last_frame_idx

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::last_frame_idx

Definition at line 202 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ golden_frame_idx

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::golden_frame_idx

Definition at line 203 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ ref_frame_idx

int8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::ref_frame_idx[AV1_REFS_PER_FRAME]

Definition at line 204 of file cbs_av1.h.

Referenced by vk_av1_fill_pict().

◆ delta_frame_id_minus1

uint32_t AV1RawFrameHeader::delta_frame_id_minus1[AV1_REFS_PER_FRAME]

Definition at line 205 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ allow_high_precision_mv

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::allow_high_precision_mv

Definition at line 207 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ is_filter_switchable

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::is_filter_switchable

Definition at line 208 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ interpolation_filter

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::interpolation_filter

Definition at line 209 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ is_motion_mode_switchable

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::is_motion_mode_switchable

Definition at line 210 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ use_ref_frame_mvs

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::use_ref_frame_mvs

Definition at line 211 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ disable_frame_end_update_cdf

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::disable_frame_end_update_cdf

Definition at line 213 of file cbs_av1.h.

Referenced by vk_av1_fill_pict().

◆ uniform_tile_spacing_flag

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::uniform_tile_spacing_flag

Definition at line 215 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ tile_cols_log2

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::tile_cols_log2

Definition at line 216 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ tile_rows_log2

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::tile_rows_log2

Definition at line 217 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ tile_start_col_sb

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::tile_start_col_sb[AV1_MAX_TILE_COLS]

Definition at line 218 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ tile_start_row_sb

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::tile_start_row_sb[AV1_MAX_TILE_COLS]

Definition at line 219 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ width_in_sbs_minus_1

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::width_in_sbs_minus_1[AV1_MAX_TILE_COLS]

Definition at line 220 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ height_in_sbs_minus_1

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::height_in_sbs_minus_1[AV1_MAX_TILE_ROWS]

Definition at line 221 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ context_update_tile_id

uint16_t AV1RawFrameHeader::context_update_tile_id

Definition at line 222 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ tile_size_bytes_minus1

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::tile_size_bytes_minus1

Definition at line 223 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ tile_cols

uint16_t AV1RawFrameHeader::tile_cols

Definition at line 227 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ tile_rows

uint16_t AV1RawFrameHeader::tile_rows

Definition at line 228 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ base_q_idx

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::base_q_idx

Definition at line 230 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ delta_q_y_dc

int8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::delta_q_y_dc

Definition at line 231 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ diff_uv_delta

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::diff_uv_delta

Definition at line 232 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ delta_q_u_dc

int8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::delta_q_u_dc

Definition at line 233 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ delta_q_u_ac

int8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::delta_q_u_ac

Definition at line 234 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ delta_q_v_dc

int8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::delta_q_v_dc

Definition at line 235 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ delta_q_v_ac

int8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::delta_q_v_ac

Definition at line 236 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ using_qmatrix

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::using_qmatrix

Definition at line 237 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ qm_y

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::qm_y

Definition at line 238 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ qm_u

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::qm_u

Definition at line 239 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ qm_v

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::qm_v

Definition at line 240 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ segmentation_enabled

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::segmentation_enabled

Definition at line 242 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ segmentation_update_map

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::segmentation_update_map

Definition at line 243 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ segmentation_temporal_update

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::segmentation_temporal_update

Definition at line 244 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ segmentation_update_data

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::segmentation_update_data

Definition at line 245 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ feature_enabled

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::feature_enabled[AV1_MAX_SEGMENTS][AV1_SEG_LVL_MAX]

Definition at line 246 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ feature_value

int16_t AV1RawFrameHeader::feature_value[AV1_MAX_SEGMENTS][AV1_SEG_LVL_MAX]

Definition at line 247 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ delta_q_present

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::delta_q_present

Definition at line 249 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ delta_q_res

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::delta_q_res

Definition at line 250 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ delta_lf_present

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::delta_lf_present

Definition at line 251 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ delta_lf_res

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::delta_lf_res

Definition at line 252 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ delta_lf_multi

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::delta_lf_multi

Definition at line 253 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ loop_filter_level

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::loop_filter_level[4]

Definition at line 255 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ loop_filter_sharpness

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::loop_filter_sharpness

Definition at line 256 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ loop_filter_delta_enabled

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::loop_filter_delta_enabled

Definition at line 257 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ loop_filter_delta_update

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::loop_filter_delta_update

Definition at line 258 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ update_ref_delta

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::update_ref_delta[AV1_TOTAL_REFS_PER_FRAME]

Definition at line 259 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ loop_filter_ref_deltas

int8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::loop_filter_ref_deltas[AV1_TOTAL_REFS_PER_FRAME]

Definition at line 260 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ update_mode_delta

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::update_mode_delta[2]

Definition at line 261 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ loop_filter_mode_deltas

int8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::loop_filter_mode_deltas[2]

Definition at line 262 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ cdef_damping_minus_3

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::cdef_damping_minus_3

Definition at line 264 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ cdef_bits

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::cdef_bits

Definition at line 265 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ cdef_y_pri_strength

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::cdef_y_pri_strength[8]

Definition at line 266 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ cdef_y_sec_strength

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::cdef_y_sec_strength[8]

Definition at line 267 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ cdef_uv_pri_strength

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::cdef_uv_pri_strength[8]

Definition at line 268 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ cdef_uv_sec_strength

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::cdef_uv_sec_strength[8]

Definition at line 269 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ lr_type

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::lr_type[3]

Definition at line 271 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ lr_unit_shift

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::lr_unit_shift

Definition at line 272 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ lr_uv_shift

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::lr_uv_shift

Definition at line 273 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ tx_mode

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::tx_mode

Definition at line 275 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ reference_select

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::reference_select

Definition at line 276 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ skip_mode_present

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::skip_mode_present

Definition at line 277 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ allow_warped_motion

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::allow_warped_motion

Definition at line 279 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ reduced_tx_set

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::reduced_tx_set

Definition at line 280 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ is_global

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::is_global[AV1_TOTAL_REFS_PER_FRAME]

Definition at line 282 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ is_rot_zoom

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::is_rot_zoom[AV1_TOTAL_REFS_PER_FRAME]

Definition at line 283 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ is_translation

uint8_t AV1RawFrameHeader::is_translation[AV1_TOTAL_REFS_PER_FRAME]

Definition at line 284 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ gm_params

uint32_t AV1RawFrameHeader::gm_params[AV1_TOTAL_REFS_PER_FRAME][6]

Definition at line 286 of file cbs_av1.h.

◆ film_grain

AV1RawFilmGrainParams AV1RawFrameHeader::film_grain

Definition at line 288 of file cbs_av1.h.

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