Data Fields
ATRAC3PContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

GetBitContext gb
float samples [2][ATRAC3P_FRAME_SAMPLES]
 quantized MDCT spectrum More...
float mdct_buf [2][ATRAC3P_FRAME_SAMPLES]
 output of the IMDCT More...
float time_buf [2][ATRAC3P_FRAME_SAMPLES]
 output of the gain compensation More...
float outp_buf [2][ATRAC3P_FRAME_SAMPLES]
AtracGCContext gainc_ctx
 gain compensation context More...
av_tx_fn mdct_fn
 IDCT context used by IPQF. More...
av_tx_fn ipqf_dct_fn
 global channel units More...
int num_channel_blocks
 number of channel blocks More...
uint8_t channel_blocks [5]
 channel configuration descriptor More...
const uint8_t * channel_map
 channel layout map More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 63 of file atrac3plusdec.c.

Field Documentation

◆ gb

GetBitContext ATRAC3PContext::gb

Definition at line 64 of file atrac3plusdec.c.

◆ fdsp

AVFloatDSPContext* ATRAC3PContext::fdsp

Definition at line 65 of file atrac3plusdec.c.

◆ samples

float ATRAC3PContext::samples[2][ATRAC3P_FRAME_SAMPLES]

quantized MDCT spectrum

Definition at line 67 of file atrac3plusdec.c.

◆ mdct_buf

float ATRAC3PContext::mdct_buf[2][ATRAC3P_FRAME_SAMPLES]

output of the IMDCT

Definition at line 68 of file atrac3plusdec.c.

◆ time_buf

float ATRAC3PContext::time_buf[2][ATRAC3P_FRAME_SAMPLES]

output of the gain compensation

Definition at line 69 of file atrac3plusdec.c.

◆ outp_buf

float ATRAC3PContext::outp_buf[2][ATRAC3P_FRAME_SAMPLES]

Definition at line 70 of file atrac3plusdec.c.

◆ gainc_ctx

AtracGCContext ATRAC3PContext::gainc_ctx

gain compensation context

Definition at line 72 of file atrac3plusdec.c.

◆ mdct_ctx

AVTXContext* ATRAC3PContext::mdct_ctx

Definition at line 73 of file atrac3plusdec.c.

◆ mdct_fn

av_tx_fn ATRAC3PContext::mdct_fn

Definition at line 74 of file atrac3plusdec.c.

◆ ipqf_dct_ctx

AVTXContext* ATRAC3PContext::ipqf_dct_ctx

IDCT context used by IPQF.

Definition at line 75 of file atrac3plusdec.c.

◆ ipqf_dct_fn

av_tx_fn ATRAC3PContext::ipqf_dct_fn

Definition at line 76 of file atrac3plusdec.c.

◆ ch_units

Atrac3pChanUnitCtx* ATRAC3PContext::ch_units

global channel units

Definition at line 78 of file atrac3plusdec.c.

◆ num_channel_blocks

int ATRAC3PContext::num_channel_blocks

number of channel blocks

Definition at line 80 of file atrac3plusdec.c.

◆ channel_blocks

uint8_t ATRAC3PContext::channel_blocks[5]

channel configuration descriptor

Definition at line 81 of file atrac3plusdec.c.

◆ channel_map

const uint8_t* ATRAC3PContext::channel_map

channel layout map

Definition at line 82 of file atrac3plusdec.c.

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