Data Fields
ALFParams Struct Reference

#include <ctu.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t ctb_flag [3]
 alf_ctb_flag[] More...
uint8_t ctb_filt_set_idx_y
 AlfCtbFiltSetIdxY. More...
uint8_t alf_ctb_filter_alt_idx [2]
 alf_ctb_filter_alt_idx[] More...
uint8_t ctb_cc_idc [2]
 alf_ctb_cc_cb_idc, alf_ctb_cc_cr_idc More...
uint8_t applied [3]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 459 of file ctu.h.

Field Documentation

◆ ctb_flag

uint8_t ALFParams::ctb_flag[3]


Definition at line 460 of file ctu.h.

Referenced by alf_params(), ff_vvc_alf_ctb_flag(), and ff_vvc_alf_filter().

◆ ctb_filt_set_idx_y

uint8_t ALFParams::ctb_filt_set_idx_y


Definition at line 461 of file ctu.h.

Referenced by alf_get_coeff_and_clip(), and alf_params().

◆ alf_ctb_filter_alt_idx

uint8_t ALFParams::alf_ctb_filter_alt_idx[2]


Definition at line 462 of file ctu.h.

Referenced by alf_filter_chroma(), and alf_params().

◆ ctb_cc_idc

uint8_t ALFParams::ctb_cc_idc[2]

alf_ctb_cc_cb_idc, alf_ctb_cc_cr_idc

Definition at line 463 of file ctu.h.

Referenced by alf_filter_cc(), alf_params(), ff_vvc_alf_ctb_cc_idc(), and ff_vvc_alf_filter().

◆ applied

uint8_t ALFParams::applied[3]

Definition at line 465 of file ctu.h.

Referenced by ff_vvc_alf_filter().

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