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sbcdec_data.c File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include "sbcdec_data.h"
#include "sbc.h"

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#define SS4(val)   ((int32_t)val >> 12)
#define SS8(val)   ((int32_t)val >> 14)
#define SN4(val)   ((int32_t)val >> 11 + 1 + SBCDEC_FIXED_EXTRA_BITS)
#define SN8(val)   ((int32_t)val >> 11 + 1 + SBCDEC_FIXED_EXTRA_BITS)


const int32_t ff_sbc_proto_4_40m0 []
const int32_t ff_sbc_proto_4_40m1 []
const int32_t ff_sbc_proto_8_80m0 []
const int32_t ff_sbc_proto_8_80m1 []
const int32_t ff_synmatrix4 [8][4]
const int32_t ff_synmatrix8 [16][8]

Detailed Description

SBC decoder tables

Definition in file sbcdec_data.c.

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ SS4

#define SS4 (   val)    ((int32_t)val >> 12)

Definition at line 36 of file sbcdec_data.c.

◆ SS8

#define SS8 (   val)    ((int32_t)val >> 14)

Definition at line 37 of file sbcdec_data.c.

◆ SN4

#define SN4 (   val)    ((int32_t)val >> 11 + 1 + SBCDEC_FIXED_EXTRA_BITS)

Definition at line 38 of file sbcdec_data.c.

◆ SN8

#define SN8 (   val)    ((int32_t)val >> 11 + 1 + SBCDEC_FIXED_EXTRA_BITS)

Definition at line 39 of file sbcdec_data.c.

Variable Documentation

◆ ff_sbc_proto_4_40m0

const int32_t ff_sbc_proto_4_40m0[]
Initial value:
= {
SS4(0x00000000), SS4(0xffa6982f), SS4(0xfba93848), SS4(0x0456c7b8),
SS4(0x005967d1), SS4(0xfffb9ac7), SS4(0xff589157), SS4(0xf9c2a8d8),
SS4(0x027c1434), SS4(0x0019118b), SS4(0xfff3c74c), SS4(0xff137330),
SS4(0xf81b8d70), SS4(0x00ec1b8b), SS4(0xfff0b71a), SS4(0xffe99b00),
SS4(0xfef84470), SS4(0xf6fb4370), SS4(0xffcdc351), SS4(0xffe01dc7)

Definition at line 41 of file sbcdec_data.c.

Referenced by sbc_synthesize_four().

◆ ff_sbc_proto_4_40m1

const int32_t ff_sbc_proto_4_40m1[]
Initial value:
= {
SS4(0xffe090ce), SS4(0xff2c0475), SS4(0xf694f800), SS4(0xff2c0475),
SS4(0xffe090ce), SS4(0xffe01dc7), SS4(0xffcdc351), SS4(0xf6fb4370),
SS4(0xfef84470), SS4(0xffe99b00), SS4(0xfff0b71a), SS4(0x00ec1b8b),
SS4(0xf81b8d70), SS4(0xff137330), SS4(0xfff3c74c), SS4(0x0019118b),
SS4(0x027c1434), SS4(0xf9c2a8d8), SS4(0xff589157), SS4(0xfffb9ac7)

Definition at line 49 of file sbcdec_data.c.

Referenced by sbc_synthesize_four().

◆ ff_sbc_proto_8_80m0

const int32_t ff_sbc_proto_8_80m0[]
Initial value:
= {
SS8(0x00000000), SS8(0xfe8d1970), SS8(0xee979f00), SS8(0x11686100),
SS8(0x0172e690), SS8(0xfff5bd1a), SS8(0xfdf1c8d4), SS8(0xeac182c0),
SS8(0x0d9daee0), SS8(0x00e530da), SS8(0xffe9811d), SS8(0xfd52986c),
SS8(0xe7054ca0), SS8(0x0a00d410), SS8(0x006c1de4), SS8(0xffdba705),
SS8(0xfcbc98e8), SS8(0xe3889d20), SS8(0x06af2308), SS8(0x000bb7db),
SS8(0xffca00ed), SS8(0xfc3fbb68), SS8(0xe071bc00), SS8(0x03bf7948),
SS8(0xffc4e05c), SS8(0xffb54b3b), SS8(0xfbedadc0), SS8(0xdde26200),
SS8(0x0142291c), SS8(0xff960e94), SS8(0xff9f3e17), SS8(0xfbd8f358),
SS8(0xdbf79400), SS8(0xff405e01), SS8(0xff7d4914), SS8(0xff8b1a31),
SS8(0xfc1417b8), SS8(0xdac7bb40), SS8(0xfdbb828c), SS8(0xff762170)

Definition at line 57 of file sbcdec_data.c.

Referenced by sbc_synthesize_eight().

◆ ff_sbc_proto_8_80m1

const int32_t ff_sbc_proto_8_80m1[]
Initial value:
= {
SS8(0xff7c272c), SS8(0xfcb02620), SS8(0xda612700), SS8(0xfcb02620),
SS8(0xff7c272c), SS8(0xff762170), SS8(0xfdbb828c), SS8(0xdac7bb40),
SS8(0xfc1417b8), SS8(0xff8b1a31), SS8(0xff7d4914), SS8(0xff405e01),
SS8(0xdbf79400), SS8(0xfbd8f358), SS8(0xff9f3e17), SS8(0xff960e94),
SS8(0x0142291c), SS8(0xdde26200), SS8(0xfbedadc0), SS8(0xffb54b3b),
SS8(0xffc4e05c), SS8(0x03bf7948), SS8(0xe071bc00), SS8(0xfc3fbb68),
SS8(0xffca00ed), SS8(0x000bb7db), SS8(0x06af2308), SS8(0xe3889d20),
SS8(0xfcbc98e8), SS8(0xffdba705), SS8(0x006c1de4), SS8(0x0a00d410),
SS8(0xe7054ca0), SS8(0xfd52986c), SS8(0xffe9811d), SS8(0x00e530da),
SS8(0x0d9daee0), SS8(0xeac182c0), SS8(0xfdf1c8d4), SS8(0xfff5bd1a)

Definition at line 70 of file sbcdec_data.c.

Referenced by sbc_synthesize_eight().

◆ ff_synmatrix4

const int32_t ff_synmatrix4[8][4]
Initial value:
= {
{ SN4(0x05a82798), SN4(0xfa57d868), SN4(0xfa57d868), SN4(0x05a82798) },
{ SN4(0x030fbc54), SN4(0xf89be510), SN4(0x07641af0), SN4(0xfcf043ac) },
{ SN4(0x00000000), SN4(0x00000000), SN4(0x00000000), SN4(0x00000000) },
{ SN4(0xfcf043ac), SN4(0x07641af0), SN4(0xf89be510), SN4(0x030fbc54) },
{ SN4(0xfa57d868), SN4(0x05a82798), SN4(0x05a82798), SN4(0xfa57d868) },
{ SN4(0xf89be510), SN4(0xfcf043ac), SN4(0x030fbc54), SN4(0x07641af0) },
{ SN4(0xf8000000), SN4(0xf8000000), SN4(0xf8000000), SN4(0xf8000000) },
{ SN4(0xf89be510), SN4(0xfcf043ac), SN4(0x030fbc54), SN4(0x07641af0) }

Definition at line 83 of file sbcdec_data.c.

Referenced by sbc_synthesize_four().

◆ ff_synmatrix8

const int32_t ff_synmatrix8[16][8]

Definition at line 94 of file sbcdec_data.c.

Referenced by sbc_synthesize_eight().

#define SS8(val)
Definition: sbcdec_data.c:37
#define SN4(val)
Definition: sbcdec_data.c:38
#define SS4(val)
Definition: sbcdec_data.c:36