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mpeg4video.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include "mpegvideo.h"

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#define IS_3IV1   0


void ff_mpeg4_clean_buffers (MpegEncContext *s)
int ff_mpeg4_get_video_packet_prefix_length (MpegEncContext *s)
void ff_mpeg4_init_direct_mv (MpegEncContext *s)
int ff_mpeg4_set_direct_mv (MpegEncContext *s, int mx, int my)
static int ff_mpeg4_pred_dc (MpegEncContext *s, int n, int level, int *dir_ptr, int encoding)
 Predict the dc. More...

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◆ IS_3IV1

#define IS_3IV1   0

Definition at line 42 of file mpeg4video.h.

Function Documentation

◆ ff_mpeg4_clean_buffers()

void ff_mpeg4_clean_buffers ( MpegEncContext s)

Definition at line 57 of file mpeg4video.c.

Referenced by encode_thread(), ff_h263_decode_frame(), and ff_msmpeg4_handle_slices().

◆ ff_mpeg4_get_video_packet_prefix_length()

int ff_mpeg4_get_video_packet_prefix_length ( MpegEncContext s)

◆ ff_mpeg4_init_direct_mv()

void ff_mpeg4_init_direct_mv ( MpegEncContext s)

◆ ff_mpeg4_set_direct_mv()

int ff_mpeg4_set_direct_mv ( MpegEncContext s,
int  mx,
int  my 
the mb_type

Definition at line 129 of file mpeg4video.c.

Referenced by encode_thread(), and mpeg4_decode_mb().

◆ ff_mpeg4_pred_dc()

static int ff_mpeg4_pred_dc ( MpegEncContext s,
int  n,
int  level,
int dir_ptr,
int  encoding 

Predict the dc.

encoding quantized level -> quantized diff decoding quantized diff -> quantized level

nblock index (0-3 are luma, 4-5 are chroma)
dir_ptrpointer to an integer where the prediction direction will be stored

Definition at line 52 of file mpeg4video.h.

Referenced by ff_mpeg4_encode_mb(), mpeg4_decode_block(), and mpeg4_decode_dc().