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 SEI_FUNC (filler_payload,(CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawFillerPayload *current, SEIMessageState *state))
 SEI_FUNC (user_data_registered,(CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawUserDataRegistered *current, SEIMessageState *state))
 SEI_FUNC (user_data_unregistered,(CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawUserDataUnregistered *current, SEIMessageState *state))
 SEI_FUNC (frame_packing_arrangement,(CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawFramePackingArrangement *current, SEIMessageState *unused))
 SEI_FUNC (decoded_picture_hash,(CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawDecodedPictureHash *current, SEIMessageState *unused))
 SEI_FUNC (mastering_display_colour_volume,(CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawMasteringDisplayColourVolume *current, SEIMessageState *state))
 SEI_FUNC (content_light_level_info,(CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawContentLightLevelInfo *current, SEIMessageState *state))
 SEI_FUNC (alternative_transfer_characteristics,(CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawAlternativeTransferCharacteristics *current, SEIMessageState *state))
 SEI_FUNC (ambient_viewing_environment,(CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawAmbientViewingEnvironment *current, SEIMessageState *state))
static int FUNC() message (CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawMessage *current)
static int FUNC() message_list (CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawMessageList *current, int prefix)

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SEI_FUNC ( filler_payload  ,
(CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawFillerPayload *current, SEIMessageState *state  

Definition at line 19 of file cbs_sei_syntax_template.c.

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SEI_FUNC ( user_data_registered  ,
(CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawUserDataRegistered *current, SEIMessageState *state  

Definition at line 37 of file cbs_sei_syntax_template.c.

◆ SEI_FUNC() [3/9]

SEI_FUNC ( user_data_unregistered  ,
(CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawUserDataUnregistered *current, SEIMessageState *state  

Definition at line 69 of file cbs_sei_syntax_template.c.

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SEI_FUNC ( frame_packing_arrangement  ,
(CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawFramePackingArrangement *current, SEIMessageState *unused)   

Definition at line 97 of file cbs_sei_syntax_template.c.

◆ SEI_FUNC() [5/9]

SEI_FUNC ( decoded_picture_hash  ,
(CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawDecodedPictureHash *current, SEIMessageState *unused)   

Definition at line 131 of file cbs_sei_syntax_template.c.

◆ SEI_FUNC() [6/9]

SEI_FUNC ( mastering_display_colour_volume  ,
(CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawMasteringDisplayColourVolume *current, SEIMessageState *state  

Definition at line 159 of file cbs_sei_syntax_template.c.

◆ SEI_FUNC() [7/9]

SEI_FUNC ( content_light_level_info  ,
(CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawContentLightLevelInfo *current, SEIMessageState *state  

Definition at line 182 of file cbs_sei_syntax_template.c.

◆ SEI_FUNC() [8/9]

SEI_FUNC ( alternative_transfer_characteristics  ,
(CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawAlternativeTransferCharacteristics *current, SEIMessageState *state  

Definition at line 196 of file cbs_sei_syntax_template.c.

◆ SEI_FUNC() [9/9]

SEI_FUNC ( ambient_viewing_environment  ,
(CodedBitstreamContext *ctx, RWContext *rw, SEIRawAmbientViewingEnvironment *current, SEIMessageState *state  

Definition at line 210 of file cbs_sei_syntax_template.c.

◆ message()

static int FUNC() message ( CodedBitstreamContext ctx,
RWContext rw,
SEIRawMessage current 

◆ message_list()

static int FUNC() message_list ( CodedBitstreamContext ctx,
RWContext rw,
SEIRawMessageList current,
int  prefix 

Definition at line 315 of file cbs_sei_syntax_template.c.

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