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slicethread.h File Reference

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typedef struct AVSliceThread AVSliceThread


int avpriv_slicethread_create (AVSliceThread **pctx, void *priv, void(*worker_func)(void *priv, int jobnr, int threadnr, int nb_jobs, int nb_threads), void(*main_func)(void *priv), int nb_threads)
 Create slice threading context. More...
void avpriv_slicethread_execute (AVSliceThread *ctx, int nb_jobs, int execute_main)
 Execute slice threading. More...
void avpriv_slicethread_free (AVSliceThread **pctx)
 Destroy slice threading context. More...

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct AVSliceThread AVSliceThread

Definition at line 22 of file slicethread.h.

Function Documentation

int avpriv_slicethread_create ( AVSliceThread **  pctx,
void priv,
void(*)(void *priv, int jobnr, int threadnr, int nb_jobs, int nb_threads)  worker_func,
void(*)(void *priv)  main_func,
int  nb_threads 

Create slice threading context.

pctxslice threading context returned here
privprivate pointer to be passed to callback function
worker_funccallback function to be executed
main_funcspecial callback function, called from main thread, may be NULL
nb_threadsnumber of threads, 0 for automatic, must be >= 0
return number of threads or negative AVERROR on failure

Definition at line 240 of file slicethread.c.

Referenced by ff_slice_thread_init(), and thread_init_internal().

void avpriv_slicethread_execute ( AVSliceThread ctx,
int  nb_jobs,
int  execute_main 

Execute slice threading.

ctxslice threading context
nb_jobsnumber of jobs, must be > 0
execute_mainalso execute main_func

Definition at line 249 of file slicethread.c.

Referenced by thread_execute().

void avpriv_slicethread_free ( AVSliceThread **  pctx)

Destroy slice threading context.

pctxpointer to context

Definition at line 254 of file slicethread.c.

Referenced by ff_slice_thread_free(), ff_slice_thread_init(), slice_thread_uninit(), and thread_init_internal().