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hwcontext_internal.h File Reference
#include <stddef.h>
#include "buffer.h"
#include "hwcontext.h"
#include "frame.h"
#include "pixfmt.h"

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Data Structures

struct  HWContextType
struct  AVHWDeviceInternal
struct  AVHWFramesInternal
struct  HWMapDescriptor


int ff_hwframe_map_create (AVBufferRef *hwframe_ref, AVFrame *dst, const AVFrame *src, void(*unmap)(AVHWFramesContext *ctx, HWMapDescriptor *hwmap), void *priv)


const HWContextType ff_hwcontext_type_cuda
const HWContextType ff_hwcontext_type_d3d11va
const HWContextType ff_hwcontext_type_drm
const HWContextType ff_hwcontext_type_dxva2
const HWContextType ff_hwcontext_type_qsv
const HWContextType ff_hwcontext_type_vaapi
const HWContextType ff_hwcontext_type_vdpau
const HWContextType ff_hwcontext_type_videotoolbox

Function Documentation

int ff_hwframe_map_create ( AVBufferRef hwframe_ref,
AVFrame dst,
const AVFrame src,
void(*)(AVHWFramesContext *ctx, HWMapDescriptor *hwmap)  unmap,
void priv 

Variable Documentation

const HWContextType ff_hwcontext_type_cuda

Definition at line 400 of file hwcontext_cuda.c.

const HWContextType ff_hwcontext_type_d3d11va

Definition at line 549 of file hwcontext_d3d11va.c.

const HWContextType ff_hwcontext_type_drm

Definition at line 270 of file hwcontext_drm.c.

const HWContextType ff_hwcontext_type_dxva2

Definition at line 580 of file hwcontext_dxva2.c.

const HWContextType ff_hwcontext_type_qsv

Definition at line 1096 of file hwcontext_qsv.c.

const HWContextType ff_hwcontext_type_vaapi

Definition at line 1281 of file hwcontext_vaapi.c.

const HWContextType ff_hwcontext_type_vdpau

Definition at line 458 of file hwcontext_vdpau.c.

const HWContextType ff_hwcontext_type_videotoolbox

Definition at line 232 of file hwcontext_videotoolbox.c.