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Buffer sink accessors

Get the properties of the stream. More...


enum AVMediaType av_buffersink_get_type (const AVFilterContext *ctx)
AVRational av_buffersink_get_time_base (const AVFilterContext *ctx)
int av_buffersink_get_format (const AVFilterContext *ctx)
AVRational av_buffersink_get_frame_rate (const AVFilterContext *ctx)
int av_buffersink_get_w (const AVFilterContext *ctx)
int av_buffersink_get_h (const AVFilterContext *ctx)
AVRational av_buffersink_get_sample_aspect_ratio (const AVFilterContext *ctx)
int av_buffersink_get_channels (const AVFilterContext *ctx)
uint64_t av_buffersink_get_channel_layout (const AVFilterContext *ctx)
int av_buffersink_get_sample_rate (const AVFilterContext *ctx)
AVBufferRefav_buffersink_get_hw_frames_ctx (const AVFilterContext *ctx)

Detailed Description

Get the properties of the stream.

Function Documentation

enum AVMediaType av_buffersink_get_type ( const AVFilterContext ctx)

Referenced by lavfi_read_header(), and reap_filters().

AVRational av_buffersink_get_time_base ( const AVFilterContext ctx)
int av_buffersink_get_format ( const AVFilterContext ctx)
AVRational av_buffersink_get_frame_rate ( const AVFilterContext ctx)
int av_buffersink_get_w ( const AVFilterContext ctx)
int av_buffersink_get_h ( const AVFilterContext ctx)
AVRational av_buffersink_get_sample_aspect_ratio ( const AVFilterContext ctx)
int av_buffersink_get_channels ( const AVFilterContext ctx)
uint64_t av_buffersink_get_channel_layout ( const AVFilterContext ctx)
int av_buffersink_get_sample_rate ( const AVFilterContext ctx)
AVBufferRef* av_buffersink_get_hw_frames_ctx ( const AVFilterContext ctx)

Referenced by init_output_stream().