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bsf.h File Reference
#include "avcodec.h"

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int ff_bsf_get_packet (AVBSFContext *ctx, AVPacket **pkt)
 Called by the bitstream filters to get the next packet for filtering. More...
int ff_bsf_get_packet_ref (AVBSFContext *ctx, AVPacket *pkt)
 Called by bitstream filters to get packet for filtering. More...
const AVClassff_bsf_child_class_next (const AVClass *prev)

Function Documentation

int ff_bsf_get_packet ( AVBSFContext ctx,
AVPacket **  pkt 
int ff_bsf_get_packet_ref ( AVBSFContext ctx,
AVPacket pkt 

Called by bitstream filters to get packet for filtering.

The reference to packet is moved to provided packet structure.

ctxpointer to AVBSFContext of filter
pktpointer to packet to move reference to
0>= on success, negative AVERROR in case of failure

Definition at line 223 of file bsf.c.

Referenced by bsf_list_filter().

const AVClass* ff_bsf_child_class_next ( const AVClass prev)

Definition at line 74 of file bitstream_filters.c.