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avdevice.c File Reference
#include "libavutil/avassert.h"
#include "libavutil/samplefmt.h"
#include "libavutil/pixfmt.h"
#include "libavcodec/avcodec.h"
#include "avdevice.h"
#include "internal.h"
#include "config.h"
#include "libavutil/ffversion.h"

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#define OFFSET(x)   offsetof(AVDeviceCapabilitiesQuery, x)
#define LICENSE_PREFIX   "libavdevice license: "


unsigned avdevice_version (void)
 Return the LIBAVDEVICE_VERSION_INT constant. More...
const char * avdevice_configuration (void)
 Return the libavdevice build-time configuration. More...
const char * avdevice_license (void)
 Return the libavdevice license. More...
static voiddevice_next (void *prev, int output, AVClassCategory c1, AVClassCategory c2)
AVInputFormatav_input_audio_device_next (AVInputFormat *d)
 Audio input devices iterator. More...
AVInputFormatav_input_video_device_next (AVInputFormat *d)
 Video input devices iterator. More...
AVOutputFormatav_output_audio_device_next (AVOutputFormat *d)
 Audio output devices iterator. More...
AVOutputFormatav_output_video_device_next (AVOutputFormat *d)
 Video output devices iterator. More...
int avdevice_app_to_dev_control_message (struct AVFormatContext *s, enum AVAppToDevMessageType type, void *data, size_t data_size)
 Send control message from application to device. More...
int avdevice_dev_to_app_control_message (struct AVFormatContext *s, enum AVDevToAppMessageType type, void *data, size_t data_size)
 Send control message from device to application. More...
int avdevice_capabilities_create (AVDeviceCapabilitiesQuery **caps, AVFormatContext *s, AVDictionary **device_options)
 Initialize capabilities probing API based on AVOption API. More...
void avdevice_capabilities_free (AVDeviceCapabilitiesQuery **caps, AVFormatContext *s)
 Free resources created by avdevice_capabilities_create() More...
int avdevice_list_devices (AVFormatContext *s, AVDeviceInfoList **device_list)
 List devices. More...
static int list_devices_for_context (AVFormatContext *s, AVDictionary *options, AVDeviceInfoList **device_list)
int avdevice_list_input_sources (AVInputFormat *device, const char *device_name, AVDictionary *device_options, AVDeviceInfoList **device_list)
 List devices. More...
int avdevice_list_output_sinks (AVOutputFormat *device, const char *device_name, AVDictionary *device_options, AVDeviceInfoList **device_list)
void avdevice_free_list_devices (AVDeviceInfoList **device_list)
 Convenient function to free result of avdevice_list_devices(). More...


const char av_device_ffversion [] = "FFmpeg version " FFMPEG_VERSION
const AVOption av_device_capabilities []
 AVOption table used by devices to implement device capabilities API. More...

Macro Definition Documentation

Definition at line 30 of file avdevice.c.

Definition at line 31 of file avdevice.c.


Definition at line 32 of file avdevice.c.


Definition at line 33 of file avdevice.c.

#define OFFSET (   x)    offsetof(AVDeviceCapabilitiesQuery, x)

Definition at line 34 of file avdevice.c.

#define LICENSE_PREFIX   "libavdevice license: "

Referenced by avdevice_license().

Function Documentation

static void* device_next ( void prev,
int  output,
AVClassCategory  c1,
AVClassCategory  c2 
static int list_devices_for_context ( AVFormatContext s,
AVDictionary options,
AVDeviceInfoList **  device_list 

Definition at line 212 of file avdevice.c.

Referenced by avdevice_list_input_sources(), and avdevice_list_output_sinks().

Variable Documentation

const char av_device_ffversion[] = "FFmpeg version " FFMPEG_VERSION

Definition at line 28 of file avdevice.c.