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1 /*
2  * Real Audio 1.0 (14.4K)
3  * Copyright (c) 2003 The FFmpeg project
4  *
5  * This file is part of FFmpeg.
6  *
7  * FFmpeg is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
8  * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
9  * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
10  * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
11  *
12  * FFmpeg is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
13  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
15  * Lesser General Public License for more details.
16  *
17  * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
18  * License along with FFmpeg; if not, write to the Free Software
19  * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
20  */
22 #ifndef AVCODEC_RA144_H
23 #define AVCODEC_RA144_H
25 #include <stdint.h>
26 #include "lpc.h"
27 #include "audio_frame_queue.h"
28 #include "audiodsp.h"
30 #define NBLOCKS 4 ///< number of subblocks within a block
31 #define BLOCKSIZE 40 ///< subblock size in 16-bit words
32 #define BUFFERSIZE 146 ///< the size of the adaptive codebook
33 #define FIXED_CB_SIZE 128 ///< size of fixed codebooks
34 #define FRAME_SIZE 20 ///< size of encoded frame
35 #define LPC_ORDER 10 ///< order of LPC filter
37 typedef struct RA144Context {
44  unsigned int old_energy; ///< previous frame energy
46  unsigned int lpc_tables[2][10];
48  /** LPC coefficients: lpc_coef[0] is the coefficients of the current frame
49  * and lpc_coef[1] of the previous one. */
50  unsigned int *lpc_coef[2];
52  unsigned int lpc_refl_rms[2];
56  /** The current subblock padded by the last 10 values of the previous one. */
57  int16_t curr_sblock[50];
59  /** Adaptive codebook, its size is two units bigger to avoid a
60  * buffer overflow. */
61  int16_t adapt_cb[146+2];
64 } RA144Context;
66 void ff_copy_and_dup(int16_t *target, const int16_t *source, int offset);
67 int ff_eval_refl(int *refl, const int16_t *coefs, AVCodecContext *avctx);
68 void ff_eval_coefs(int *coefs, const int *refl);
69 void ff_int_to_int16(int16_t *out, const int *inp);
70 int ff_t_sqrt(unsigned int x);
71 unsigned int ff_rms(const int *data);
72 int ff_interp(RA144Context *ractx, int16_t *out, int a, int copyold,
73  int energy);
74 unsigned int ff_rescale_rms(unsigned int rms, unsigned int energy);
75 int ff_irms(AudioDSPContext *adsp, const int16_t *data/*align 16*/);
76 void ff_subblock_synthesis(RA144Context *ractx, const int16_t *lpc_coefs,
77  int cba_idx, int cb1_idx, int cb2_idx,
78  int gval, int gain);
80 extern const int16_t ff_gain_val_tab[256][3];
81 extern const uint8_t ff_gain_exp_tab[256];
82 extern const int8_t ff_cb1_vects[128][40];
83 extern const int8_t ff_cb2_vects[128][40];
84 extern const uint16_t ff_cb1_base[128];
85 extern const uint16_t ff_cb2_base[128];
86 extern const int16_t ff_energy_tab[32];
87 extern const int16_t * const ff_lpc_refl_cb[10];
89 #endif /* AVCODEC_RA144_H */
unsigned int lpc_tables[2][10]
Definition: ra144.h:46
unsigned int ff_rms(const int *data)
Definition: ra144.c:1636
ptrdiff_t const GLvoid * data
Definition: opengl_enc.c:101
Definition: lpc.h:52
const uint16_t ff_cb1_base[128]
Definition: ra144.c:1402
int16_t adapt_cb[146+2]
Adaptive codebook, its size is two units bigger to avoid a buffer overflow.
Definition: ra144.h:61
#define DECLARE_ALIGNED(n, t, v)
Definition: mem.h:53
void ff_subblock_synthesis(RA144Context *ractx, const int16_t *lpc_coefs, int cba_idx, int cb1_idx, int cb2_idx, int gval, int gain)
Definition: ra144.c:1694
int ff_irms(AudioDSPContext *adsp, const int16_t *data)
inverse root mean square
Definition: ra144.c:1684
#define NBLOCKS
number of subblocks within a block
Definition: ra144.h:30
const int16_t ff_energy_tab[32]
Definition: ra144.c:1440
unsigned int lpc_refl_rms[2]
Definition: ra144.h:52
int ff_eval_refl(int *refl, const int16_t *coefs, AVCodecContext *avctx)
Evaluate the reflection coefficients from the filter coefficients.
Definition: ra144.c:1545
#define FFALIGN(x, a)
Definition: macros.h:48
AVCodecContext * avctx
Definition: ra144.h:38
void ff_int_to_int16(int16_t *out, const int *inp)
Definition: ra144.c:1613
int ff_interp(RA144Context *ractx, int16_t *out, int a, int copyold, int energy)
Definition: ra144.c:1657
unsigned int * lpc_coef[2]
LPC coefficients: lpc_coef[0] is the coefficients of the current frame and lpc_coef[1] of the previou...
Definition: ra144.h:50
const int8_t ff_cb2_vects[128][40]
Definition: ra144.c:758
static const uint8_t offset[127][2]
Definition: vf_spp.c:92
AudioFrameQueue afq
Definition: ra144.h:41
unsigned int ff_rescale_rms(unsigned int rms, unsigned int energy)
Definition: ra144.c:1678
int last_frame
Definition: ra144.h:42
subblock size in 16-bit words
Definition: ra144.h:31
const int8_t ff_cb1_vects[128][40]
Definition: ra144.c:114
const int16_t ff_gain_val_tab[256][3]
Definition: ra144.c:28
main external API structure.
Definition: avcodec.h:1649
void ff_eval_coefs(int *coefs, const int *refl)
Evaluate the LPC filter coefficients from the reflection coefficients.
Definition: ra144.c:1593
void ff_copy_and_dup(int16_t *target, const int16_t *source, int offset)
Copy the last offset values of *source to *target.
Definition: ra144.c:1530
LPCContext lpc_ctx
Definition: ra144.h:40
const uint16_t ff_cb2_base[128]
Definition: ra144.c:1421
int16_t buffer_a[FFALIGN(BLOCKSIZE, 16)]
Definition: ra144.h:63
AudioDSPContext adsp
Definition: ra144.h:39
unsigned int old_energy
previous frame energy
Definition: ra144.h:44
int16_t curr_sblock[50]
The current subblock padded by the last 10 values of the previous one.
Definition: ra144.h:57
int ff_t_sqrt(unsigned int x)
Evaluate sqrt(x << 24).
Definition: ra144.c:1625
FILE * out
Definition: movenc.c:54
int16_t curr_block[NBLOCKS *BLOCKSIZE]
Definition: ra144.h:54
const uint8_t ff_gain_exp_tab[256]
Definition: ra144.c:95
const int16_t *const ff_lpc_refl_cb[10]
Definition: ra144.c:1502