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utils.c File Reference

various utility functions More...

#include "config.h"
#include "avutil.h"
#include "avassert.h"
#include "samplefmt.h"
#include "pixdesc.h"

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#define LICENSE_PREFIX   "libavutil license: "
#define LIST_LENGTH(type)   { type t = term, *l = (type *)list; for (i = 0; l[i] != t; i++); }


unsigned avutil_version (void)
 Return the LIBAVUTIL_VERSION_INT constant.
const char * avutil_configuration (void)
 Return the libavutil build-time configuration.
const char * avutil_license (void)
 Return the libavutil license.
const char * av_get_media_type_string (enum AVMediaType media_type)
 Return a string describing the media_type enum, NULL if media_type is unknown.
char av_get_picture_type_char (enum AVPictureType pict_type)
 Return a single letter to describe the given picture type pict_type.
unsigned av_int_list_length_for_size (unsigned elsize, const void *list, uint64_t term)
 Compute the length of an integer list.
AVRational av_get_time_base_q (void)
 Return the fractional representation of the internal time base.

Detailed Description

various utility functions

Definition in file utils.c.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define LICENSE_PREFIX   "libavutil license: "
#define LIST_LENGTH (   type)    { type t = term, *l = (type *)list; for (i = 0; l[i] != t; i++); }