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soxr_resample.c File Reference

audio resampling with soxr More...

#include "libavutil/log.h"
#include "swresample_internal.h"
#include <soxr.h>

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static struct ResampleContextcreate (struct ResampleContext *c, int out_rate, int in_rate, int filter_size, int phase_shift, int linear, double cutoff, enum AVSampleFormat format, enum SwrFilterType filter_type, int kaiser_beta, double precision, int cheby)
static void destroy (struct ResampleContext **c)
static int flush (struct SwrContext *s)
static int process (struct ResampleContext *c, AudioData *dst, int dst_size, AudioData *src, int src_size, int *consumed)
static int64_t get_delay (struct SwrContext *s, int64_t base)


struct Resampler const soxr_resampler

Detailed Description

audio resampling with soxr

Definition in file soxr_resample.c.

Function Documentation

static struct ResampleContext* create ( struct ResampleContext c,
int  out_rate,
int  in_rate,
int  filter_size,
int  phase_shift,
int  linear,
double  cutoff,
enum AVSampleFormat  format,
enum SwrFilterType  filter_type,
int  kaiser_beta,
double  precision,
int  cheby 

Definition at line 32 of file soxr_resample.c.

static void destroy ( struct ResampleContext **  c)

Definition at line 64 of file soxr_resample.c.

static int flush ( struct SwrContext s)

Definition at line 69 of file soxr_resample.c.

static int process ( struct ResampleContext c,
AudioData dst,
int  dst_size,
AudioData src,
int  src_size,
int *  consumed 

Definition at line 74 of file soxr_resample.c.

static int64_t get_delay ( struct SwrContext s,
int64_t  base 

Definition at line 85 of file soxr_resample.c.

Variable Documentation

struct Resampler const soxr_resampler
Initial value:

Definition at line 90 of file soxr_resample.c.

Referenced by swr_init().