libavutil/lzo.h File Reference

#include <stdint.h>

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 end of the input buffer reached before decoding finished
#define AV_LZO_OUTPUT_FULL   2
 decoded data did not fit into output buffer
 a reference to previously decoded data was wrong
#define AV_LZO_ERROR   8
 a non-specific error in the compressed bitstream


int av_lzo1x_decode (void *out, int *outlen, const void *in, int *inlen)
 Decodes LZO 1x compressed data.
void av_memcpy_backptr (uint8_t *dst, int back, int cnt)
 deliberately overlapping memcpy implementation

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Definition at line 39 of file lzo.h.


Definition at line 40 of file lzo.h.

Referenced by codec_reinit(), decode_init(), and matroska_decode_buffer().

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int av_lzo1x_decode ( void *  out,
int *  outlen,
const void *  in,
int *  inlen 

Decodes LZO 1x compressed data.

out output buffer
outlen size of output buffer, number of bytes left are returned here
in input buffer
inlen size of input buffer, number of bytes left are returned here
0 on success, otherwise a combination of the error flags above
Make sure all buffers are appropriately padded, in must provide AV_LZO_INPUT_PADDING, out must provide AV_LZO_OUTPUT_PADDING additional bytes.

Definition at line 174 of file lzo.c.

Referenced by decode_frame(), and matroska_decode_buffer().

void av_memcpy_backptr ( uint8_t *  dst,
int  back,
int  cnt 

deliberately overlapping memcpy implementation

dst destination buffer; must be padded with 12 additional bytes
back how many bytes back we start (the initial size of the overlapping window)
cnt number of bytes to copy, must be >= 0
cnt > back is valid, this will copy the bytes we just copied, thus creating a repeating pattern with a period length of back.

Definition at line 170 of file lzo.c.

Referenced by mszh_decomp(), synth_block_fcb_acb(), unpack(), and xan_unpack().

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