Data Fields
HCAContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

GetBitContext gb
const AVCRCcrc_table
ChannelContext ch [16]
uint8_t ath [128]
int ath_type
unsigned hfr_group_count
uint8_t track_count
uint8_t channel_config
uint8_t total_band_count
uint8_t base_band_count
uint8_t stereo_band_count
uint8_t bands_per_hfr_group
av_tx_fn tx_fn

Detailed Description

Definition at line 43 of file hcadec.c.

Field Documentation

◆ gb

GetBitContext HCAContext::gb

Definition at line 44 of file hcadec.c.

◆ crc_table

const AVCRC* HCAContext::crc_table

Definition at line 46 of file hcadec.c.

◆ ch

ChannelContext HCAContext::ch[16]

Definition at line 48 of file hcadec.c.

◆ ath

uint8_t HCAContext::ath[128]

Definition at line 50 of file hcadec.c.

◆ ath_type

int HCAContext::ath_type

Definition at line 52 of file hcadec.c.

◆ hfr_group_count

unsigned HCAContext::hfr_group_count

Definition at line 53 of file hcadec.c.

◆ track_count

uint8_t HCAContext::track_count

Definition at line 54 of file hcadec.c.

◆ channel_config

uint8_t HCAContext::channel_config

Definition at line 55 of file hcadec.c.

◆ total_band_count

uint8_t HCAContext::total_band_count

Definition at line 56 of file hcadec.c.

◆ base_band_count

uint8_t HCAContext::base_band_count

Definition at line 57 of file hcadec.c.

◆ stereo_band_count

uint8_t HCAContext::stereo_band_count

Definition at line 58 of file hcadec.c.

◆ bands_per_hfr_group

uint8_t HCAContext::bands_per_hfr_group

Definition at line 59 of file hcadec.c.

◆ tx_fn

av_tx_fn HCAContext::tx_fn

Definition at line 61 of file hcadec.c.

◆ tx_ctx

AVTXContext* HCAContext::tx_ctx

Definition at line 62 of file hcadec.c.

◆ fdsp

AVFloatDSPContext* HCAContext::fdsp

Definition at line 63 of file hcadec.c.

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