Data Fields
AVFilterInOut Struct Reference

A linked-list of the inputs/outputs of the filter chain. More...

#include <avfilter.h>

Data Fields

char * name
 unique name for this input/output in the list More...
 filter context associated to this input/output More...
int pad_idx
 index of the filt_ctx pad to use for linking More...
struct AVFilterInOutnext
 next input/input in the list, NULL if this is the last More...

Detailed Description

A linked-list of the inputs/outputs of the filter chain.

This is mainly useful for avfilter_graph_parse() / avfilter_graph_parse2(), where it is used to communicate open (unlinked) inputs and outputs from and to the caller. This struct specifies, per each not connected pad contained in the graph, the filter context and the pad index required for establishing a link.

filtering_audio.c, filtering_video.c, and transcoding.c.

Definition at line 1021 of file avfilter.h.

Field Documentation

◆ name

char* AVFilterInOut::name

◆ filter_ctx

AVFilterContext* AVFilterInOut::filter_ctx

◆ pad_idx

int AVFilterInOut::pad_idx

◆ next

struct AVFilterInOut* AVFilterInOut::next

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