File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
cmdutils.c [code]
cmdutils.h [code]
ffmpeg.c [code]
ffplay.c [code]
ffserver.c [code]
ffserver.h [code]
output_example.c [code]
libavcodec/4xm.c [code]4XM codec
libavcodec/8bps.c [code]QT 8BPS Video Decoder by Roberto Togni For more information about the 8BPS format, visit:
libavcodec/8svx.c [code]8svx audio decoder
libavcodec/aac.c [code]AAC decoder
libavcodec/aac.h [code]AAC definitions and structures
libavcodec/aac_ac3_parser.c [code]
libavcodec/aac_ac3_parser.h [code]
libavcodec/aac_parser.c [code]
libavcodec/aac_parser.h [code]
libavcodec/aacdectab.h [code]AAC decoder data
libavcodec/aacenc.c [code]AAC encoder
libavcodec/aacpsy.c [code]AAC encoder psychoacoustic model
libavcodec/aacpsy.h [code]
libavcodec/aactab.c [code]AAC data
libavcodec/aactab.h [code]AAC data declarations
libavcodec/aandcttab.c [code]AAN (Arai Agui Aakajima) (I)DCT tables
libavcodec/aandcttab.h [code]AAN (Arai Agui Nakajima) (I)DCT tables
libavcodec/aasc.c [code]Autodesk RLE Video Decoder by Konstantin Shishkov
libavcodec/ac3.c [code]Common code between the AC-3 encoder and decoder
libavcodec/ac3.h [code]Common code between the AC-3 encoder and decoder
libavcodec/ac3_parser.c [code]
libavcodec/ac3_parser.h [code]
libavcodec/ac3dec.c [code]
libavcodec/ac3dec.h [code]
libavcodec/ac3dec_data.c [code]Tables taken directly from the AC-3 spec
libavcodec/ac3dec_data.h [code]
libavcodec/ac3enc.c [code]The simplest AC-3 encoder
libavcodec/ac3tab.c [code]Tables taken directly from the AC-3 spec
libavcodec/ac3tab.h [code]
libavcodec/acelp_filters.c [code]
libavcodec/acelp_filters.h [code]
libavcodec/acelp_pitch_delay.c [code]
libavcodec/acelp_pitch_delay.h [code]
libavcodec/acelp_vectors.c [code]
libavcodec/acelp_vectors.h [code]
libavcodec/adpcm.c [code]ADPCM codecs
libavcodec/adx.h [code]SEGA CRI adx codecs
libavcodec/adxdec.c [code]SEGA CRI adx codecs
libavcodec/adxenc.c [code]SEGA CRI adx codecs
libavcodec/alac.c [code]ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) decoder
libavcodec/alacenc.c [code]
libavcodec/allcodecs.c [code]Provides registration of all codecs, parsers and bitstream filters for libavcodec
libavcodec/apedec.c [code]Monkey's Audio lossless audio decoder
libavcodec/apiexample.c [code]Avcodec API use example
libavcodec/asv1.c [code]ASUS V1/V2 codec
libavcodec/atrac3.c [code]Atrac 3 compatible decoder
libavcodec/atrac3data.h [code]Atrac 3 AKA RealAudio 8 compatible decoder data
libavcodec/audioconvert.c [code]Audio conversion
libavcodec/audioconvert.h [code]Audio format conversion routines
libavcodec/avcodec.h [code]External API header
libavcodec/avs.c [code]
libavcodec/beosthread.c [code]
libavcodec/bethsoftvideo.c [code]Bethesda Softworks VID Video Decoder
libavcodec/bethsoftvideo.h [code]
libavcodec/bfi.c [code]Brute Force & Ignorance (.bfi) video decoder
libavcodec/bitstream.c [code]Bitstream api
libavcodec/bitstream.h [code]Bitstream api header
libavcodec/bitstream_filter.c [code]
libavcodec/bmp.c [code]
libavcodec/bmp.h [code]
libavcodec/bmpenc.c [code]
libavcodec/bytestream.h [code]
libavcodec/c93.c [code]
libavcodec/cabac.c [code]Context Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coder
libavcodec/cabac.h [code]Context Adaptive Binary Arithmetic Coder
libavcodec/cavs.c [code]Chinese AVS video (AVS1-P2, JiZhun profile) decoder
libavcodec/cavs.h [code]
libavcodec/cavs_parser.c [code]Chinese AVS video (AVS1-P2, JiZhun profile) parser
libavcodec/cavsdata.h [code]
libavcodec/cavsdec.c [code]Chinese AVS video (AVS1-P2, JiZhun profile) decoder
libavcodec/cavsdsp.c [code]
libavcodec/celp_filters.c [code]
libavcodec/celp_filters.h [code]
libavcodec/celp_math.c [code]
libavcodec/celp_math.h [code]
libavcodec/cinepak.c [code]Cinepak video decoder by Ewald Snel <> For more information on the Cinepak algorithm, visit: For more information on the quirky data inside Sega FILM/CPK files, visit:
libavcodec/cljr.c [code]Cirrus Logic AccuPak codec
libavcodec/colorspace.h [code]Various defines for YUV<->RGB conversion
libavcodec/cook.c [code]Cook compatible decoder
libavcodec/cookdata.h [code]Cook AKA RealAudio G2 compatible decoderdata
libavcodec/cscd.c [code]
libavcodec/cyuv.c [code]Creative YUV (CYUV) Video Decoder
libavcodec/dca.c [code]
libavcodec/dca.h [code]
libavcodec/dca_parser.c [code]
libavcodec/dcadata.h [code]
libavcodec/dcahuff.h [code]
libavcodec/dct-test.c [code]DCT test (c) 2001 Fabrice Bellard Started from sample code by Juan J
libavcodec/dctref.c [code]Reference discrete cosine transform (double precision)
libavcodec/dirac_parser.c [code]Dirac Parser
libavcodec/dnxhd_parser.c [code]DNxHD/VC-3 parser
libavcodec/dnxhddata.c [code]
libavcodec/dnxhddata.h [code]
libavcodec/dnxhddec.c [code]
libavcodec/dnxhdenc.c [code]
libavcodec/dnxhdenc.h [code]
libavcodec/dpcm.c [code]Assorted DPCM (differential pulse code modulation) audio codecs by Mike Melanson ( Xan DPCM decoder by Mario Brito ( for more information on the specific data formats, visit: SOL DPCMs implemented by Konstantin Shishkov
libavcodec/dsicinav.c [code]Delphine Software International CIN audio/video decoders
libavcodec/dsputil.c [code]DSP utils
libavcodec/dsputil.h [code]DSP utils
libavcodec/dump_extradata_bsf.c [code]
libavcodec/dv.c [code]DV codec
libavcodec/dvbsub.c [code]
libavcodec/dvbsub_parser.c [code]
libavcodec/dvbsubdec.c [code]
libavcodec/dvdata.h [code]Constants for DV codec
libavcodec/dvdsub_parser.c [code]
libavcodec/dvdsubdec.c [code]
libavcodec/dvdsubenc.c [code]
libavcodec/dxa.c [code]DXA Video decoder
libavcodec/eac3dec.c [code]
libavcodec/eacmv.c [code]Electronic Arts CMV Video Decoder by Peter Ross (suxen_drol at hotmail dot com)
libavcodec/eaidct.c [code]Electronic Arts TGQ/TQI/MAD IDCT algorithm
libavcodec/eatgq.c [code]Electronic Arts TGQ Video Decoder
libavcodec/eatgv.c [code]Electronic Arts TGV Video Decoder by Peter Ross (suxen_drol at hotmail dot com)
libavcodec/eatqi.c [code]Electronic Arts TQI Video Decoder by Peter Ross <>
libavcodec/elbg.c [code]Codebook Generator using the ELBG algorithm
libavcodec/elbg.h [code]
libavcodec/error_resilience.c [code]Error resilience / concealment
libavcodec/escape124.c [code]
libavcodec/eval.c [code]Simple arithmetic expression evaluator
libavcodec/eval.h [code]Eval header
libavcodec/faandct.c [code]Floating point AAN DCT
libavcodec/faandct.h [code]Floating point AAN DCT
libavcodec/faanidct.c [code]
libavcodec/faanidct.h [code]
libavcodec/faxcompr.c [code]CCITT Fax Group 3 and 4 decompression
libavcodec/faxcompr.h [code]CCITT Fax Group 3 and 4 decompression
libavcodec/fft-test.c [code]FFT and MDCT tests
libavcodec/fft.c [code]FFT/IFFT transforms
libavcodec/ffv1.c [code]FF Video Codec 1 (an experimental lossless codec)
libavcodec/flac.h [code]FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) decoder/demuxer common functions
libavcodec/flacdec.c [code]FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) decoder
libavcodec/flacenc.c [code]
libavcodec/flashsv.c [code]Flash Screen Video decoder
libavcodec/flashsvenc.c [code]Flash Screen Video encoder
libavcodec/flicvideo.c [code]Autodesk Animator FLI/FLC Video Decoder by Mike Melanson ( for more information on the .fli/.flc file format and all of its many variations, visit:
libavcodec/fraps.c [code]Lossless Fraps 'FPS1' decoder
libavcodec/g726.c [code]
libavcodec/g729.h [code]
libavcodec/g729data.h [code]
libavcodec/g729dec.c [code]
libavcodec/gif.c [code]
libavcodec/gifdec.c [code]
libavcodec/golomb.c [code]Exp golomb vlc stuff
libavcodec/golomb.h [code]Exp golomb vlc stuff
libavcodec/h261.c [code]H261codec
libavcodec/h261.h [code]
libavcodec/h261_parser.c [code]H261codec
libavcodec/h261data.h [code]H.261 tables
libavcodec/h261dec.c [code]H.261 decoder
libavcodec/h261enc.c [code]H.261 encoder
libavcodec/h263.c [code]H263/mpeg4 codec
libavcodec/h263.h [code]
libavcodec/h263_parser.c [code]H.263 parser
libavcodec/h263_parser.h [code]
libavcodec/h263data.h [code]H.263 tables
libavcodec/h263dec.c [code]H.263 decoder
libavcodec/h264.c [code]H.264 / AVC / MPEG4 part10 codec
libavcodec/h264.h [code]H.264 / AVC / MPEG4 part10 codec
libavcodec/h264_mp4toannexb_bsf.c [code]
libavcodec/h264_parser.c [code]H.264 / AVC / MPEG4 part10 parser
libavcodec/h264_parser.h [code]H.264 / AVC / MPEG4 part10 parser
libavcodec/h264data.h [code]H264 / AVC / MPEG4 part10 codec data table
libavcodec/h264dspenc.c [code]H.264 encoder related DSP utils
libavcodec/h264enc.c [code]
libavcodec/h264idct.c [code]H.264 IDCT
libavcodec/h264pred.c [code]H.264 / AVC / MPEG4 part10 prediction functions
libavcodec/h264pred.h [code]H.264 / AVC / MPEG4 prediction functions
libavcodec/huffman.c [code]Huffman tree builder and VLC generator Copyright (c) 2006 Konstantin Shishkov
libavcodec/huffman.h [code]Huffman tree builder and VLC generator Copyright (C) 2007 Aurelien Jacobs <>
libavcodec/huffyuv.c [code]Huffyuv codec for libavcodec
libavcodec/idcinvideo.c [code]Id Quake II Cin Video Decoder by Dr
libavcodec/iirfilter.c [code]Different IIR filters implementation
libavcodec/iirfilter.h [code]IIR filter interface
libavcodec/imc.c [code]IMC - Intel Music Coder A mdct based codec using a 256 points large transform divied into 32 bands with some mix of scale factors
libavcodec/imcdata.h [code]
libavcodec/imgconvert.c [code]Misc image conversion routines
libavcodec/imgconvert.h [code]
libavcodec/imgconvert_template.c [code]
libavcodec/imgresample.c [code]High quality image resampling with polyphase filters
libavcodec/imx_dump_header_bsf.c [code]Imx dump header bitstream filter modifies bitstream to fit in mov and be decoded by final cut pro decoder
libavcodec/indeo2.c [code]Intel Indeo 2 decoder
libavcodec/indeo2data.h [code]
libavcodec/indeo3.c [code]
libavcodec/indeo3data.h [code]
libavcodec/internal.h [code]Common internal api header
libavcodec/interplayvideo.c [code]Interplay MVE Video Decoder by Mike Melanson ( For more information about the Interplay MVE format, visit: This code is written in such a way that the identifiers match up with the encoding descriptions in the document
libavcodec/intrax8.c [code]IntraX8 (J-Frame) subdecoder, used by WMV2 and VC-1
libavcodec/intrax8.h [code]
libavcodec/intrax8dsp.c [code]IntraX8 frame subdecoder image manipulation routines
libavcodec/intrax8huf.h [code]
libavcodec/jfdctfst.c [code]Independent JPEG Group's fast AAN dct
libavcodec/jfdctint.c [code]Independent JPEG Group's slow & accurate dct
libavcodec/jpegls.c [code]JPEG-LS common code
libavcodec/jpegls.h [code]JPEG-LS common code
libavcodec/jpeglsdec.c [code]JPEG-LS decoder
libavcodec/jpeglsdec.h [code]JPEG-LS decoder
libavcodec/jpeglsenc.c [code]JPEG-LS encoder
libavcodec/jrevdct.c [code]Independent JPEG Group's LLM idct
libavcodec/kmvc.c [code]Karl Morton's Video Codec decoder
libavcodec/lcl.h [code]
libavcodec/lcldec.c [code]LCL (LossLess Codec Library) Video Codec Decoder for MSZH and ZLIB codecs Experimental encoder for ZLIB RGB24
libavcodec/lclenc.c [code]LCL (LossLess Codec Library) Video Codec Decoder for MSZH and ZLIB codecs Experimental encoder for ZLIB RGB24
libavcodec/libamr.c [code]Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) Audio decoder stub
libavcodec/libdirac.h [code]Data structures common to libdiracenc.c and libdiracdec.c
libavcodec/libdirac_libschro.c [code]Functions common to libdirac and libschroedinger
libavcodec/libdirac_libschro.h [code]Data structures common to libdirac and libschroedinger
libavcodec/libdiracdec.c [code]Dirac decoder support via libdirac library; more details about the Dirac project can be found at
libavcodec/libdiracenc.c [code]Dirac encoding support via libdirac library; more details about the Dirac project can be found at
libavcodec/libfaac.c [code]Interface to libfaac for aac encoding
libavcodec/libfaad.c [code]AAC decoder
libavcodec/libgsm.c [code]Interface to libgsm for gsm encoding/decoding
libavcodec/libmp3lame.c [code]Interface to libmp3lame for mp3 encoding
libavcodec/libopencore-amr.c [code]
libavcodec/libopenjpeg.c [code]JPEG 2000 decoder using libopenjpeg
libavcodec/libschroedinger.c [code]Function definitions common to libschroedingerdec.c and libschroedingerenc.c
libavcodec/libschroedinger.h [code]Data structures common to libschroedingerdec.c and libschroedingerenc.c
libavcodec/libschroedingerdec.c [code]Dirac decoder support via libschroedinger-1.0 libraries
libavcodec/libschroedingerenc.c [code]Dirac encoder support via libschroedinger-1.0 libraries
libavcodec/libspeexdec.c [code]
libavcodec/libtheoraenc.c [code]Theora encoder using libtheora
libavcodec/libvorbis.c [code]Ogg Vorbis codec support via libvorbisenc
libavcodec/libx264.c [code]
libavcodec/libxvid_internal.h [code]Common functions for use with the Xvid wrappers
libavcodec/libxvid_rc.c [code]
libavcodec/libxvidff.c [code]Interface to xvidcore for MPEG-4 compliant encoding
libavcodec/ljpegenc.c [code]Lossless JPEG encoder
libavcodec/loco.c [code]LOCO codec
libavcodec/lpc.c [code]
libavcodec/lpc.h [code]
libavcodec/lsp.c [code]
libavcodec/lsp.h [code]
libavcodec/lzw.c [code]LZW decoding routines
libavcodec/lzw.h [code]LZW decoding routines
libavcodec/lzwenc.c [code]LZW encoder
libavcodec/mace.c [code]MACE decoder
libavcodec/mathops.h [code]
libavcodec/mdct.c [code]MDCT/IMDCT transforms
libavcodec/mdec.c [code]Sony PlayStation MDEC (Motion DECoder) This is very similar to intra-only MPEG-1
libavcodec/mimic.c [code]
libavcodec/mjpeg.c [code]MJPEG encoder and decoder
libavcodec/mjpeg.h [code]MJPEG encoder and decoder
libavcodec/mjpeg_parser.c [code]MJPEG parser
libavcodec/mjpega_dump_header_bsf.c [code]MJPEG A dump header bitstream filter modifies bitstream to be decoded by quicktime
libavcodec/mjpegbdec.c [code]Apple MJPEG-B decoder
libavcodec/mjpegdec.c [code]MJPEG decoder
libavcodec/mjpegdec.h [code]MJPEG decoder
libavcodec/mjpegenc.c [code]MJPEG encoder
libavcodec/mjpegenc.h [code]MJPEG encoder
libavcodec/mlp.c [code]
libavcodec/mlp.h [code]
libavcodec/mlp_parser.c [code]MLP parser
libavcodec/mlp_parser.h [code]MLP parser prototypes
libavcodec/mlpdec.c [code]MLP decoder
libavcodec/mmvideo.c [code]American Laser Games MM Video Decoder by Peter Ross (suxen_drol at hotmail dot com)
libavcodec/motion-test.c [code]Motion test
libavcodec/motion_est.c [code]Motion estimation
libavcodec/motion_est_template.c [code]Motion estimation template
libavcodec/motionpixels.c [code]
libavcodec/movsub_bsf.c [code]
libavcodec/mp3_header_compress_bsf.c [code]
libavcodec/mp3_header_decompress_bsf.c [code]
libavcodec/mpc.c [code]Musepack decoder core MPEG Audio Layer 1/2 -like codec with frames of 1152 samples divided into 32 subbands
libavcodec/mpc.h [code]Musepack decoder MPEG Audio Layer 1/2 -like codec with frames of 1152 samples divided into 32 subbands
libavcodec/mpc7.c [code]Musepack SV7 decoder MPEG Audio Layer 1/2 -like codec with frames of 1152 samples divided into 32 subbands
libavcodec/mpc7data.h [code]
libavcodec/mpc8.c [code]Musepack SV8 decoder MPEG Audio Layer 1/2 -like codec with frames of 1152 samples divided into 32 subbands
libavcodec/mpc8data.h [code]
libavcodec/mpc8huff.h [code]
libavcodec/mpcdata.h [code]
libavcodec/mpeg12.c [code]MPEG-1/2 decoder
libavcodec/mpeg12.h [code]
libavcodec/mpeg12data.c [code]MPEG1/2 tables
libavcodec/mpeg12data.h [code]MPEG1/2 tables
libavcodec/mpeg12decdata.h [code]MPEG1/2 decoder tables
libavcodec/mpeg12enc.c [code]MPEG1/2 encoder
libavcodec/mpeg4audio.c [code]
libavcodec/mpeg4audio.h [code]
libavcodec/mpeg4data.h [code]Mpeg4 tables
libavcodec/mpeg4video_parser.c [code]
libavcodec/mpeg4video_parser.h [code]
libavcodec/mpegaudio.c [code]MPEG Audio common code
libavcodec/mpegaudio.h [code]Mpeg audio declarations for both encoder and decoder
libavcodec/mpegaudio_parser.c [code]
libavcodec/mpegaudiodata.c [code]Mpeg audio layer common tables
libavcodec/mpegaudiodata.h [code]Mpeg audio layer common tables
libavcodec/mpegaudiodec.c [code]MPEG Audio decoder
libavcodec/mpegaudiodecheader.c [code]MPEG Audio header decoder
libavcodec/mpegaudiodecheader.h [code]
libavcodec/mpegaudiodectab.h [code]Mpeg audio layer decoder tables
libavcodec/mpegaudioenc.c [code]
libavcodec/mpegaudiotab.h [code]Mpeg audio layer 2 tables
libavcodec/mpegvideo.c [code]The simplest mpeg encoder (well, it was the simplest!)
libavcodec/mpegvideo.h [code]Mpegvideo header
libavcodec/mpegvideo_common.h [code]The simplest mpeg encoder (well, it was the simplest!)
libavcodec/mpegvideo_enc.c [code]The simplest mpeg encoder (well, it was the simplest!)
libavcodec/mpegvideo_parser.c [code]
libavcodec/mpegvideo_xvmc.c [code]
libavcodec/msmpeg4.c [code]MSMPEG4 backend for ffmpeg encoder and decoder
libavcodec/msmpeg4.h [code]
libavcodec/msmpeg4data.c [code]MSMPEG4 data tables
libavcodec/msmpeg4data.h [code]MSMPEG4 data tables
libavcodec/msrle.c [code]MS RLE Video Decoder by Mike Melanson ( For more information about the MS RLE format, visit:
libavcodec/msrledec.c [code]MS RLE Decoder based on decoder by Mike Melanson and my own for TSCC For more information about the MS RLE format, visit:
libavcodec/msrledec.h [code]
libavcodec/msvideo1.c [code]Microsoft Video-1 Decoder by Mike Melanson ( For more information about the MS Video-1 format, visit:
libavcodec/nellymoser.c [code]The 3 alphanumeric copyright notices are md5summed they are from the original implementors
libavcodec/nellymoser.h [code]The 3 alphanumeric copyright notices are md5summed they are from the original implementors
libavcodec/nellymoserdec.c [code]The 3 alphanumeric copyright notices are md5summed they are from the original implementors
libavcodec/nellymoserenc.c [code]Nellymoser encoder by Bartlomiej Wolowiec
libavcodec/noise_bsf.c [code]
libavcodec/nuv.c [code]
libavcodec/opt.c [code]AVOptions
libavcodec/opt.h [code]AVOptions
libavcodec/options.c [code]Options definition for AVCodecContext
libavcodec/os2thread.c [code]
libavcodec/parser.c [code]
libavcodec/parser.h [code]
libavcodec/pcm.c [code]PCM codecs
libavcodec/pcx.c [code]
libavcodec/pixdesc.c [code]
libavcodec/pixdesc.h [code]
libavcodec/png.c [code]
libavcodec/png.h [code]
libavcodec/pngdec.c [code]
libavcodec/pngenc.c [code]
libavcodec/pnm.c [code]
libavcodec/pnm.h [code]
libavcodec/pnm_parser.c [code]
libavcodec/pnmenc.c [code]
libavcodec/pthread.c [code]
libavcodec/ptx.c [code]
libavcodec/qcelp_lsp.c [code]QCELP decoder
libavcodec/qcelpdata.h [code]Data tables for the QCELP decoder
libavcodec/qcelpdec.c [code]QCELP decoder
libavcodec/qdm2.c [code]QDM2 decoder
libavcodec/qdm2data.h [code]Various QDM2 tables
libavcodec/qdrw.c [code]Apple QuickDraw codec
libavcodec/qpeg.c [code]QPEG codec
libavcodec/qtrle.c [code]QT RLE Video Decoder by Mike Melanson ( For more information about the QT RLE format, visit:
libavcodec/qtrleenc.c [code]
libavcodec/ra144.c [code]
libavcodec/ra144.h [code]
libavcodec/ra288.c [code]
libavcodec/ra288.h [code]
libavcodec/rangecoder.c [code]Range coder
libavcodec/rangecoder.h [code]Range coder
libavcodec/ratecontrol.c [code]Rate control for video encoders
libavcodec/ratecontrol.h [code]Ratecontrol header
libavcodec/raw.c [code]Raw Video Codec
libavcodec/raw.h [code]Raw Video Codec
libavcodec/rawdec.c [code]Raw Video Decoder
libavcodec/rawenc.c [code]Raw Video Encoder
libavcodec/rdft.c [code](Inverse) Real Discrete Fourier Transforms
libavcodec/rectangle.h [code]Useful rectangle filling function
libavcodec/remove_extradata_bsf.c [code]
libavcodec/resample.c [code]Samplerate conversion for both audio and video
libavcodec/resample2.c [code]Audio resampling
libavcodec/rl.h [code]Rl header
libavcodec/rl2.c [code]RL2 Video Decoder
libavcodec/rle.c [code]
libavcodec/rle.h [code]
libavcodec/roqaudioenc.c [code]
libavcodec/roqvideo.c [code]Id RoQ Video common functions based on work by Dr
libavcodec/roqvideo.h [code]
libavcodec/roqvideodec.c [code]Id RoQ Video Decoder by Dr
libavcodec/roqvideoenc.c [code]Id RoQ encoder by Vitor
libavcodec/rpza.c [code]QT RPZA Video Decoder by Roberto Togni For more information about the RPZA format, visit:
libavcodec/rtjpeg.c [code]
libavcodec/rtjpeg.h [code]
libavcodec/rv10.c [code]RV10 codec
libavcodec/rv30.c [code]RV30 decoder
libavcodec/rv30data.h [code]Miscellaneous RV30 tables
libavcodec/rv30dsp.c [code]RV30 decoder motion compensation functions
libavcodec/rv34.c [code]RV30/40 decoder common data
libavcodec/rv34.h [code]RV30 and RV40 decoder common data declarations
libavcodec/rv34data.h [code]Miscellaneous RV30/40 tables
libavcodec/rv34vlc.h [code]RV30/40 VLC tables
libavcodec/rv40.c [code]RV40 decoder
libavcodec/rv40data.h [code]Miscellaneous RV40 tables
libavcodec/rv40dsp.c [code]RV40 decoder motion compensation functions
libavcodec/rv40vlc2.h [code]RV40 VLC tables used for macroblock information decoding
libavcodec/s3tc.c [code]
libavcodec/s3tc.h [code]
libavcodec/sgi.h [code]
libavcodec/sgidec.c [code]
libavcodec/sgienc.c [code]
libavcodec/shorten.c [code]Shorten decoder
libavcodec/simple_idct.c [code]Simpleidct in C
libavcodec/simple_idct.h [code]Simple idct header
libavcodec/smacker.c [code]Smacker decoder
libavcodec/smc.c [code]QT SMC Video Decoder by Mike Melanson ( For more information about the SMC format, visit:
libavcodec/snow.c [code]
libavcodec/snow.h [code]
libavcodec/sonic.c [code]Simple free lossless/lossy audio codec Based on Paul Francis Harrison's Bonk ( Written and designed by Alex Beregszaszi
libavcodec/sp5x.h [code]
libavcodec/sp5xdec.c [code]Sunplus JPEG decoder (SP5X)
libavcodec/sunrast.c [code]
libavcodec/svq1.c [code]Sorenson Vector Quantizer #1 (SVQ1) video codec
libavcodec/svq1.h [code]Sorenson Vector Quantizer #1 (SVQ1) video codec
libavcodec/svq1_cb.h [code]Svq1 code books
libavcodec/svq1_vlc.h [code]
libavcodec/svq1dec.c [code]
libavcodec/svq1enc.c [code]Sorenson Vector Quantizer #1 (SVQ1) video codec
libavcodec/svq1enc_cb.h [code]Svq1 code books
libavcodec/svq3.c [code]Svq3 decoder
libavcodec/targa.c [code]
libavcodec/targaenc.c [code]
libavcodec/tiertexseqv.c [code]Tiertex Limited SEQ video decoder
libavcodec/tiff.c [code]TIFF image decoder
libavcodec/tiff.h [code]TIFF tables
libavcodec/tiffenc.c [code]TIFF image encoder
libavcodec/truemotion1.c [code]Duck TrueMotion v1 Video Decoder by Alex Beregszaszi and Mike Melanson (
libavcodec/truemotion1data.h [code]
libavcodec/truemotion2.c [code]Duck TrueMotion2 decoder
libavcodec/truespeech.c [code]TrueSpeech decoder
libavcodec/truespeech_data.h [code]
libavcodec/tscc.c [code]TechSmith Camtasia decoder
libavcodec/tta.c [code]TTA (The Lossless True Audio) decoder ( or
libavcodec/txd.c [code]
libavcodec/ulti.c [code]IBM Ultimotion Video Decoder
libavcodec/ulti_cb.h [code]
libavcodec/unary.h [code]
libavcodec/utils.c [code]Utils
libavcodec/vb.c [code]VB Video decoder
libavcodec/vc1.c [code]VC-1 and WMV3 decoder
libavcodec/vc1.h [code]
libavcodec/vc1_parser.c [code]VC-1 and WMV3 parser
libavcodec/vc1acdata.h [code]
libavcodec/vc1data.c [code]VC-1 tables
libavcodec/vc1data.h [code]VC-1 tables
libavcodec/vc1dsp.c [code]VC-1 and WMV3 decoder
libavcodec/vcr1.c [code]Ati vcr1 codec
libavcodec/vdpau.c [code]
libavcodec/vdpau.h [code]
libavcodec/vdpau_internal.h [code]
libavcodec/vmdav.c [code]Sierra VMD audio & video decoders by Vladimir "VAG" Gneushev (vagsoft at for more information on the Sierra VMD format, visit:
libavcodec/vmnc.c [code]VMware Screen Codec (VMnc) decoder As Alex Beregszaszi discovered, this is effectively RFB data dump
libavcodec/vorbis.c [code]Common code for Vorbis I encoder and decoder
libavcodec/vorbis.h [code]
libavcodec/vorbis_data.c [code]
libavcodec/vorbis_dec.c [code]Vorbis I decoder
libavcodec/vorbis_enc.c [code]Native Vorbis encoder
libavcodec/vorbis_enc_data.h [code]
libavcodec/vp3.c [code]On2 VP3 Video Decoder
libavcodec/vp3_parser.c [code]
libavcodec/vp3data.h [code]
libavcodec/vp3dsp.c [code]Standard C DSP-oriented functions cribbed from the original VP3 source code
libavcodec/vp5.c [code]VP5 compatible video decoder
libavcodec/vp56.c [code]VP5 and VP6 compatible video decoder (common features)
libavcodec/vp56.h [code]VP5 and VP6 compatible video decoder (common features)
libavcodec/vp56data.c [code]VP5 and VP6 compatible video decoder (common data)
libavcodec/vp56data.h [code]VP5 and VP6 compatible video decoder (common data)
libavcodec/vp5data.h [code]VP5 compatible video decoder
libavcodec/vp6.c [code]VP6 compatible video decoder
libavcodec/vp6data.h [code]VP6 compatible video decoder
libavcodec/vp6dsp.c [code]VP6 DSP-oriented functions
libavcodec/vqavideo.c [code]VQA Video Decoder by Mike Melanson ( For more information about the VQA format, visit:
libavcodec/w32thread.c [code]
libavcodec/wavpack.c [code]WavPack lossless audio decoder
libavcodec/wma.c [code]
libavcodec/wma.h [code]
libavcodec/wmadata.h [code]Various WMA tables
libavcodec/wmadec.c [code]WMA compatible decoder
libavcodec/wmaenc.c [code]
libavcodec/wmv2.c [code]
libavcodec/wmv2.h [code]
libavcodec/wmv2dec.c [code]
libavcodec/wmv2enc.c [code]
libavcodec/wnv1.c [code]Winnov WNV1 codec
libavcodec/ws-snd1.c [code]Westwood SNDx codecs
libavcodec/xan.c [code]Xan video decoder for Wing Commander III computer game by Mario Brito ( and Mike Melanson (
libavcodec/xiph.c [code]
libavcodec/xiph.h [code]
libavcodec/xl.c [code]Miro VideoXL codec
libavcodec/xsubdec.c [code]
libavcodec/xvmc.h [code]
libavcodec/xvmc_internal.h [code]
libavcodec/zmbv.c [code]Zip Motion Blocks Video decoder
libavcodec/zmbvenc.c [code]Zip Motion Blocks Video encoder
libavcodec/alpha/asm.h [code]
libavcodec/alpha/dsputil_alpha.c [code]
libavcodec/alpha/motion_est_alpha.c [code]
libavcodec/alpha/mpegvideo_alpha.c [code]
libavcodec/alpha/regdef.h [code]
libavcodec/alpha/simple_idct_alpha.c [code]
libavcodec/arm/dsputil_arm.c [code]
libavcodec/arm/dsputil_iwmmxt.c [code]
libavcodec/arm/dsputil_iwmmxt_rnd_template.c [code]
libavcodec/arm/dsputil_neon.c [code]
libavcodec/arm/float_arm_vfp.c [code]
libavcodec/arm/mathops.h [code]
libavcodec/arm/mpegvideo_arm.c [code]
libavcodec/arm/mpegvideo_armv5te.c [code]
libavcodec/arm/mpegvideo_iwmmxt.c [code]
libavcodec/bfin/config_bfin.h [code]
libavcodec/bfin/dsputil_bfin.c [code]
libavcodec/bfin/dsputil_bfin.h [code]
libavcodec/bfin/mathops.h [code]
libavcodec/bfin/mpegvideo_bfin.c [code]
libavcodec/bfin/vp3_bfin.c [code]
libavcodec/mlib/dsputil_mlib.c [code]
libavcodec/ppc/check_altivec.c [code]Checks for AltiVec presence
libavcodec/ppc/dsputil_altivec.c [code]
libavcodec/ppc/dsputil_altivec.h [code]
libavcodec/ppc/dsputil_ppc.c [code]
libavcodec/ppc/dsputil_ppc.h [code]
libavcodec/ppc/fdct_altivec.c [code]
libavcodec/ppc/fft_altivec.c [code]
libavcodec/ppc/float_altivec.c [code]
libavcodec/ppc/gcc_fixes.h [code]
libavcodec/ppc/gmc_altivec.c [code]
libavcodec/ppc/h264_altivec.c [code]
libavcodec/ppc/h264_template_altivec.c [code]
libavcodec/ppc/idct_altivec.c [code]
libavcodec/ppc/imgresample_altivec.c [code]High quality image resampling with polyphase filters - AltiVec bits
libavcodec/ppc/imgresample_altivec.h [code]
libavcodec/ppc/int_altivec.c [code]Integer misc ops
libavcodec/ppc/mathops.h [code]
libavcodec/ppc/mpegvideo_altivec.c [code]
libavcodec/ppc/snow_altivec.c [code]
libavcodec/ppc/types_altivec.h [code]
libavcodec/ppc/util_altivec.h [code]Contains misc utility macros and inline functions
libavcodec/ppc/vc1dsp_altivec.c [code]
libavcodec/ps2/dsputil_mmi.c [code]
libavcodec/ps2/idct_mmi.c [code]
libavcodec/ps2/mmi.h [code]
libavcodec/ps2/mpegvideo_mmi.c [code]
libavcodec/sh4/dsputil_align.c [code]
libavcodec/sh4/dsputil_sh4.c [code]
libavcodec/sh4/idct_sh4.c [code]
libavcodec/sh4/qpel.c [code]
libavcodec/sh4/sh4.h [code]
libavcodec/sparc/dsputil_vis.c [code]
libavcodec/sparc/simple_idct_vis.c [code]
libavcodec/sparc/vis.h [code]
libavcodec/x86/cavsdsp_mmx.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/cpuid.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/dnxhd_mmx.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/dsputil_h264_template_mmx.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/dsputil_h264_template_ssse3.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/dsputil_mmx.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/dsputil_mmx.h [code]
libavcodec/x86/dsputil_mmx_avg_template.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/dsputil_mmx_qns_template.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/dsputil_mmx_rnd_template.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/dsputilenc_mmx.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/fdct_mmx.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/fft_3dn.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/fft_3dn2.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/fft_sse.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/flacdsp_mmx.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/h264_i386.h [code]H.264 / AVC / MPEG4 part10 codec
libavcodec/x86/h264dsp_mmx.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/idct_mmx.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/idct_mmx_xvid.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/idct_sse2_xvid.c [code]SSE2 idct compatible with xvidmmx
libavcodec/x86/idct_xvid.h [code]
libavcodec/x86/mathops.h [code]
libavcodec/x86/mmx.h [code]
libavcodec/x86/motion_est_mmx.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/mpegvideo_mmx.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/mpegvideo_mmx_template.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/rv40dsp_mmx.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/simple_idct_mmx.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/snowdsp_mmx.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/vc1dsp_mmx.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/vp3dsp_mmx.c [code]MMX-optimized functions cribbed from the original VP3 source code
libavcodec/x86/vp3dsp_mmx.h [code]
libavcodec/x86/vp3dsp_sse2.c [code]SSE2-optimized functions cribbed from the original VP3 source code
libavcodec/x86/vp3dsp_sse2.h [code]
libavcodec/x86/vp6dsp_mmx.c [code]MMX-optimized functions for the VP6 decoder
libavcodec/x86/vp6dsp_mmx.h [code]
libavcodec/x86/vp6dsp_sse2.c [code]
libavcodec/x86/vp6dsp_sse2.h [code]
libavdevice/alldevices.c [code]
libavdevice/alsa-audio-common.c [code]ALSA input and output: common code
libavdevice/alsa-audio-dec.c [code]ALSA input and output: input
libavdevice/alsa-audio-enc.c [code]ALSA input and output: output
libavdevice/alsa-audio.h [code]ALSA input and output: definitions and structures
libavdevice/avdevice.h [code]
libavdevice/beosaudio.cpp [code]
libavdevice/bktr.c [code]
libavdevice/dv1394.c [code]
libavdevice/dv1394.h [code]
libavdevice/libdc1394.c [code]
libavdevice/oss_audio.c [code]
libavdevice/v4l.c [code]
libavdevice/v4l2.c [code]
libavdevice/vfwcap.c [code]
libavdevice/x11grab.c [code]X11 frame device demuxer by Clemens Fruhwirth <> and Edouard Gomez <>
libavfilter/allfilters.c [code]
libavfilter/avfilter.c [code]
libavfilter/avfilter.h [code]
libavfilter/avfiltergraph.c [code]
libavfilter/avfiltergraph.h [code]
libavfilter/defaults.c [code]
libavfilter/formats.c [code]
libavfilter/graphparser.c [code]
libavfilter/graphparser.h [code]
libavformat/4xm.c [code]4X Technologies file demuxer by Mike Melanson ( for more information on the .4xm file format, visit:
libavformat/adtsenc.c [code]
libavformat/aiff.c [code]
libavformat/allformats.c [code]
libavformat/amr.c [code]
libavformat/apc.c [code]
libavformat/ape.c [code]
libavformat/asf.c [code]
libavformat/asf.h [code]
libavformat/asfcrypt.c [code]
libavformat/asfcrypt.h [code]
libavformat/asfdec.c [code]
libavformat/asfenc.c [code]
libavformat/assdec.c [code]
libavformat/assenc.c [code]
libavformat/au.c [code]
libavformat/audiointerleave.c [code]
libavformat/audiointerleave.h [code]
libavformat/avc.c [code]
libavformat/avc.h [code]
libavformat/avformat.h [code]
libavformat/avi.h [code]
libavformat/avidec.c [code]
libavformat/avienc.c [code]
libavformat/avio.c [code]
libavformat/avio.h [code]Unbuffered I/O operations
libavformat/aviobuf.c [code]
libavformat/avisynth.c [code]
libavformat/avs.c [code]
libavformat/bethsoftvid.c [code]Bethesda Softworks VID (.vid) file demuxer
libavformat/bfi.c [code]Brute Force & Ignorance (.bfi) file demuxer
libavformat/c93.c [code]
libavformat/crcenc.c [code]
libavformat/cutils.c [code]
libavformat/daud.c [code]
libavformat/dsicin.c [code]Delphine Software International CIN file demuxer
libavformat/dv.c [code]
libavformat/dv.h [code]
libavformat/dvenc.c [code]
libavformat/dxa.c [code]
libavformat/eacdata.c [code]Electronic Arts cdata Format Demuxer by Peter Ross (suxen_drol at hotmail dot com)
libavformat/electronicarts.c [code]Electronic Arts Multimedia file demuxer (WVE/UV2/etc
libavformat/ffm.h [code]
libavformat/ffmdec.c [code]
libavformat/ffmenc.c [code]
libavformat/file.c [code]
libavformat/flacdec.c [code]
libavformat/flacenc.c [code]
libavformat/flacenc.h [code]
libavformat/flic.c [code]FLI/FLC file demuxer by Mike Melanson ( for more information on the .fli/.flc file format and all of its many variations, visit:
libavformat/flv.h [code]FLV common header
libavformat/flvdec.c [code]
libavformat/flvenc.c [code]
libavformat/framecrcenc.c [code]
libavformat/framehook.c [code]
libavformat/framehook.h [code]
libavformat/gif.c [code]
libavformat/gopher.c [code]
libavformat/gxf.c [code]
libavformat/gxf.h [code]
libavformat/gxfenc.c [code]
libavformat/http.c [code]
libavformat/id3v2.c [code]
libavformat/id3v2.h [code]
libavformat/idcin.c [code]Id Quake II CIN file demuxer by Mike Melanson ( For more information about the id CIN format, visit:
libavformat/idroq.c [code]Id RoQ format file demuxer by Mike Melanson ( for more information on the .roq file format, visit:
libavformat/iff.c [code]IFF file demuxer by Jaikrishnan Menon for more information on the .iff file format, visit:
libavformat/img2.c [code]
libavformat/internal.h [code]
libavformat/ipmovie.c [code]Interplay MVE file demuxer by Mike Melanson ( For more information regarding the Interplay MVE file format, visit: The aforementioned site also contains a command line utility for parsing IP MVE files so that you can get a good idea of the typical structure of such files
libavformat/isom.c [code]
libavformat/isom.h [code]
libavformat/iss.c [code]Funcom ISS file demuxer
libavformat/libnut.c [code]NUT demuxing and muxing via libnut
libavformat/lmlm4.c [code]
libavformat/matroska.c [code]
libavformat/matroska.h [code]
libavformat/matroskadec.c [code]Matroska file demuxer by Ronald Bultje <> with a little help from Moritz Bunkus <> totally reworked by Aurelien Jacobs <> Specs available on the Matroska project page:
libavformat/matroskaenc.c [code]
libavformat/metadata.c [code]
libavformat/metadata.h [code]Internal metadata API header see avformat.h or the public API!
libavformat/metadata_compat.c [code]
libavformat/mm.c [code]American Laser Games MM Format Demuxer by Peter Ross (suxen_drol at hotmail dot com)
libavformat/mmf.c [code]
libavformat/mov.c [code]
libavformat/movenc.c [code]
libavformat/mp3.c [code]
libavformat/mpc.c [code]
libavformat/mpc8.c [code]
libavformat/mpeg.c [code]
libavformat/mpeg.h [code]
libavformat/mpegenc.c [code]
libavformat/mpegts.c [code]
libavformat/mpegts.h [code]
libavformat/mpegtsenc.c [code]
libavformat/mpjpeg.c [code]
libavformat/msnwc_tcp.c [code]
libavformat/mtv.c [code]MTV demuxer
libavformat/mvi.c [code]
libavformat/mxf.c [code]
libavformat/mxf.h [code]
libavformat/mxfdec.c [code]
libavformat/mxfenc.c [code]
libavformat/ncdec.c [code]
libavformat/network.h [code]
libavformat/nsvdec.c [code]
libavformat/nut.c [code]
libavformat/nut.h [code]
libavformat/nutdec.c [code]
libavformat/nutenc.c [code]
libavformat/nuv.c [code]
libavformat/oggdec.c [code]
libavformat/oggdec.h [code]
libavformat/oggenc.c [code]
libavformat/oggparseflac.c [code]
libavformat/oggparseogm.c [code]
libavformat/oggparsespeex.c [code]
libavformat/oggparsetheora.c [code]
libavformat/oggparsevorbis.c [code]
libavformat/oma.c [code]This is a demuxer for Sony OpenMG Music files
libavformat/options.c [code]Options definition for AVFormatContext
libavformat/os_support.c [code]
libavformat/os_support.h [code]Miscellaneous OS support macros and functions
libavformat/psxstr.c [code]PSX STR file demuxer by Mike Melanson ( This module handles streams that have been ripped from Sony Playstation CD games
libavformat/pva.c [code]
libavformat/qtpalette.h [code]
libavformat/r3d.c [code]
libavformat/raw.c [code]
libavformat/raw.h [code]
libavformat/rdt.c [code]Realmedia RTSP protocol (RDT) support
libavformat/rdt.h [code]
libavformat/riff.c [code]
libavformat/riff.h [code]Internal header for RIFF based (de)muxers do NOT include this in end user applications
libavformat/rl2.c [code]RL2 file demuxer
libavformat/rm.c [code]
libavformat/rm.h [code]
libavformat/rmdec.c [code]
libavformat/rmenc.c [code]
libavformat/rpl.c [code]
libavformat/rtp.c [code]
libavformat/rtp.h [code]
libavformat/rtp_aac.c [code]
libavformat/rtp_h264.c [code]H.264 / RTP Code (RFC3984)
libavformat/rtp_h264.h [code]
libavformat/rtp_mpv.c [code]
libavformat/rtpdec.c [code]
libavformat/rtpdec.h [code]
libavformat/rtpenc.c [code]
libavformat/rtpenc.h [code]
libavformat/rtpenc_h264.c [code]H.264 packetization
libavformat/rtpproto.c [code]RTP protocol
libavformat/rtsp.c [code]
libavformat/rtsp.h [code]
libavformat/rtspcodes.h [code]
libavformat/sdp.c [code]
libavformat/segafilm.c [code]Sega FILM (.cpk) file demuxer by Mike Melanson ( For more information regarding the Sega FILM file format, visit:
libavformat/sierravmd.c [code]Sierra VMD file demuxer by Vladimir "VAG" Gneushev (vagsoft at for more information on the Sierra VMD file format, visit:
libavformat/siff.c [code]
libavformat/smacker.c [code]
libavformat/sol.c [code]
libavformat/swf.h [code]
libavformat/swfdec.c [code]
libavformat/swfenc.c [code]
libavformat/tcp.c [code]
libavformat/thp.c [code]
libavformat/tiertexseq.c [code]Tiertex Limited SEQ file demuxer
libavformat/tta.c [code]
libavformat/txd.c [code]
libavformat/udp.c [code]UDP protocol
libavformat/utils.c [code]Various utility functions for use within FFmpeg
libavformat/vc1test.c [code]VC1 test bitstream file demuxer by Konstantin Shishkov Format specified in SMPTE standard 421 Annex L
libavformat/vc1testenc.c [code]
libavformat/voc.c [code]
libavformat/voc.h [code]
libavformat/vocdec.c [code]
libavformat/vocenc.c [code]
libavformat/wav.c [code]
libavformat/wc3movie.c [code]Wing Commander III Movie file demuxer by Mike Melanson ( for more information on the WC3 .mve file format, visit:
libavformat/westwood.c [code]Westwood Studios VQA & AUD file demuxers by Mike Melanson ( for more information on the Westwood file formats, visit:
libavformat/wv.c [code]
libavformat/xa.c [code]Maxis XA File Demuxer by Robert Marston ( for more information on the XA audio format see
libavformat/yuv4mpeg.c [code]
libavutil/adler32.c [code]
libavutil/adler32.h [code]
libavutil/aes.c [code]
libavutil/aes.h [code]
libavutil/avstring.c [code]
libavutil/avstring.h [code]
libavutil/avutil.h [code]External API header
libavutil/base64.c [code]Base64 encode/decode
libavutil/base64.h [code]
libavutil/bswap.h [code]Byte swapping routines
libavutil/common.h [code]Common internal and external API header
libavutil/crc.c [code]
libavutil/crc.h [code]
libavutil/crc_data.h [code]
libavutil/des.c [code]
libavutil/des.h [code]
libavutil/fifo.c [code]
libavutil/fifo.h [code]Very simple circular buffer FIFO implementation
libavutil/integer.c [code]Arbitrary precision integers
libavutil/integer.h [code]Arbitrary precision integers
libavutil/internal.h [code]Common internal API header
libavutil/intfloat_readwrite.c [code]Portable IEEE float/double read/write functions
libavutil/intfloat_readwrite.h [code]
libavutil/intreadwrite.h [code]
libavutil/lfg.c [code]
libavutil/lfg.h [code]
libavutil/lls.c [code]Linear least squares model
libavutil/lls.h [code]
libavutil/log.c [code]Logging functions
libavutil/log.h [code]
libavutil/lzo.c [code]
libavutil/lzo.h [code]
libavutil/mathematics.c [code]Miscellaneous math routines and tables
libavutil/mathematics.h [code]
libavutil/md5.c [code]
libavutil/md5.h [code]
libavutil/mem.c [code]Default memory allocator for libavutil
libavutil/mem.h [code]Memory handling functions
libavutil/pca.c [code]Principal component analysis (PCA)
libavutil/pca.h [code]Principal component analysis (PCA)
libavutil/pixfmt.h [code]Pixel format definitions
libavutil/random.c [code]
libavutil/random.h [code]
libavutil/rational.c [code]Rational numbers
libavutil/rational.h [code]Rational numbers
libavutil/rc4.c [code]
libavutil/rc4.h [code]
libavutil/sha1.c [code]
libavutil/sha1.h [code]
libavutil/softfloat.c [code]
libavutil/softfloat.h [code]
libavutil/timer.h [code]High precision timer, useful to profile code
libavutil/tree.c [code]
libavutil/tree.h [code]A tree container
libavutil/utils.c [code]Various utility functions
libavutil/x86_cpu.h [code]
libavutil/arm/bswap.h [code]
libavutil/bfin/bswap.h [code]Byte swapping routines
libavutil/sh4/bswap.h [code]Byte swapping routines
libavutil/x86/bswap.h [code]Byte swapping routines
libpostproc/postprocess.c [code]Postprocessing
libpostproc/postprocess.h [code]External postprocessing API
libpostproc/postprocess_altivec_template.c [code]
libpostproc/postprocess_internal.h [code]Internal api header
libpostproc/postprocess_template.c [code]Mmx/mmx2/3dnow postprocess code
libswscale/cs_test.c [code]
libswscale/rgb2rgb.c [code]
libswscale/rgb2rgb.h [code]
libswscale/rgb2rgb_template.c [code]
libswscale/swscale-example.c [code]
libswscale/swscale.c [code]
libswscale/swscale.h [code]External api for the swscale stuff
libswscale/swscale_altivec_template.c [code]
libswscale/swscale_avoption.c [code]
libswscale/swscale_bfin.c [code]
libswscale/swscale_internal.h [code]
libswscale/swscale_template.c [code]
libswscale/yuv2rgb.c [code]
libswscale/yuv2rgb_altivec.c [code]
libswscale/yuv2rgb_bfin.c [code]
libswscale/yuv2rgb_mlib.c [code]
libswscale/yuv2rgb_template.c [code]
libswscale/yuv2rgb_vis.c [code]
tests/audiogen.c [code]
tests/rotozoom.c [code]
tests/seek_test.c [code]
tests/tiny_psnr.c [code]
tests/videogen.c [code]
tools/cws2fws.c [code]
tools/pktdumper.c [code]
tools/qt-faststart.c [code]
tools/trasher.c [code]
vhook/drawtext.c [code]
vhook/fish.c [code]
vhook/imlib2.c [code]
vhook/null.c [code]
vhook/ppm.c [code]
vhook/watermark.c [code]

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