Writer Struct Reference

Data Fields

int priv_size
 private size for the writer context
const char * name
int(* init )(WriterContext *wctx, const char *args, void *opaque)
void(* uninit )(WriterContext *wctx)
void(* print_header )(WriterContext *ctx)
void(* print_footer )(WriterContext *ctx)
void(* print_chapter_header )(WriterContext *wctx, const char *)
void(* print_chapter_footer )(WriterContext *wctx, const char *)
void(* print_section_header )(WriterContext *wctx, const char *)
void(* print_section_footer )(WriterContext *wctx, const char *)
void(* print_integer )(WriterContext *wctx, const char *, long long int)
void(* print_string )(WriterContext *wctx, const char *, const char *)
void(* show_tags )(WriterContext *wctx, AVDictionary *dict)
int flags
 a combination or WRITER_FLAG_*

Detailed Description

Definition at line 143 of file ffprobe.c.

Field Documentation

a combination or WRITER_FLAG_*

Definition at line 160 of file ffprobe.c.

Referenced by probe_file(), and writer_print_string().

int(* Writer::init)(WriterContext *wctx, const char *args, void *opaque)

Referenced by writer_open().

const char* Writer::name

Definition at line 145 of file ffprobe.c.

Referenced by writer_get_name().

void(* Writer::print_chapter_footer)(WriterContext *wctx, const char *)

void(* Writer::print_chapter_header)(WriterContext *wctx, const char *)

Referenced by writer_print_footer().

Referenced by writer_print_header().

void(* Writer::print_integer)(WriterContext *wctx, const char *, long long int)

Referenced by writer_print_integer().

void(* Writer::print_section_footer)(WriterContext *wctx, const char *)

void(* Writer::print_section_header)(WriterContext *wctx, const char *)

void(* Writer::print_string)(WriterContext *wctx, const char *, const char *)

Referenced by writer_print_string().

private size for the writer context

Definition at line 144 of file ffprobe.c.

Referenced by writer_open().

Referenced by writer_show_tags().

void(* Writer::uninit)(WriterContext *wctx)

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