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tree.h File Reference

A tree container. More...

#include "attributes.h"
#include "version.h"

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struct AVTreeNodeav_tree_node_alloc (void)
 Allocate an AVTreeNode. More...
voidav_tree_find (const struct AVTreeNode *root, void *key, int(*cmp)(const void *key, const void *b), void *next[2])
 Find an element. More...
voidav_tree_insert (struct AVTreeNode **rootp, void *key, int(*cmp)(const void *key, const void *b), struct AVTreeNode **next)
 Insert or remove an element. More...
void av_tree_destroy (struct AVTreeNode *t)
void av_tree_enumerate (struct AVTreeNode *t, void *opaque, int(*cmp)(void *opaque, void *elem), int(*enu)(void *opaque, void *elem))
 Apply enu(opaque, &elem) to all the elements in the tree in a given range. More...


const int av_tree_node_size

Detailed Description

A tree container.

Michael Niedermayer micha.nosp@m.elni.nosp@m.@gmx..nosp@m.at

Definition in file tree.h.