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base64.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>

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#define AV_BASE64_DECODE_SIZE(x)   ((x) * 3LL / 4)
 Calculate the output size in bytes needed to decode a base64 string with length x to a data buffer. More...
#define AV_BASE64_SIZE(x)   (((x)+2) / 3 * 4 + 1)
 Calculate the output size needed to base64-encode x bytes to a null-terminated string. More...


int av_base64_decode (uint8_t *out, const char *in, int out_size)
 Decode a base64-encoded string. More...
char * av_base64_encode (char *out, int out_size, const uint8_t *in, int in_size)
 Encode data to base64 and null-terminate. More...