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Special devices muxing/demuxing library

Libavdevice is a complementary library to libavformat. More...


file  avdevice.h
 Main libavdevice API header.
file  version.h
 Libavdevice version macros.

Detailed Description

Libavdevice is a complementary library to libavformat.

It provides various "special" platform-specific muxers and demuxers, e.g. for grabbing devices, audio capture and playback etc. As a consequence, the (de)muxers in libavdevice are of the AVFMT_NOFILE type (they use their own I/O functions). The filename passed to avformat_open_input() often does not refer to an actually existing file, but has some special device-specific meaning - e.g. for x11grab it is the display name.

To use libavdevice, simply call avdevice_register_all() to register all compiled muxers and demuxers. They all use standard libavformat API.